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The KAT500 is a high power autotuner that can be used with both the K3S/KPA500 or with most any other HF amplifiers and transceivers. The KAT500 uses the same topology and high performance tuning algorithms as the popular autotuners in the K3S, KX3 and KX2. Typical matching range at 500 W is up to 10:1 on most bands. This also equates to a range of 3:1 for higher power levels, up to 1000 W.

The KAT500 has a front panel SWR display and three selectable antenna outputs. It is the same width and depth as the K3 and the KPA500, and it is just 1.5" high.

Features include:

  • Automatic band switching, covering the spectrum from 1.8 through 54 MHz.
  • Automatic antenna switching to connect one of three antennas according to the band selected.
  • L and C tuning element settings for lowest SWR are stored in memory for extremely rapid frequency and band changes.
  • Robust self-protection circuits that guard against damage from switching high-power RF or trying to match loads outside of its tuning range.
  • Static bleed resistor built in to avoid damage from normal static buildup on antennas.
  • Low profile enclosure that matches the footprint of the KPA500 and K3S, allowing the KAT500 to be placed on top or under either unit (the KAT500 is designed to support the weight of the KPA500)




KPA500 & KAT500 PowerCombo Package

Plays Well With Most Popular Rigs!

Add more punch to your signal with Elecraft's Power Combo and take your transceiver to a full 500 watts out.

In addition to the K3 and K3S, the DXpedition-proven KPA500 and KAT500 combo is available for most recent Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood and Flex transceivers. We've taken the guesswork out of operating by providing cabling and instructions for some of the most popular rigs in shacks today.



Models Supported

Users Built-in Frequency Counter 

Reads Transceiver Frequency


TS-590,TS-990,TS-2000, TS-570, TS-480

Older models

TS-830,TS-850,TS-870, TS-930,TS-950

Yes Custom Cable*

FT-891/991A series FT-857/897(D) series FTDX-1200, FT-450(D), FT-100(D) series

Older models

FT-950, FT-840, FT-900, FT-847

Yes Custom Cable*

IC-7610, IC-7300, IC-7600, IC-756 series

Other models

IC-706/7000 radios

Yes Yes

All 6xxx Series radios

Yes Yes


 App Notes for the PowerCombo 
K3 & K3S Icom 7300 Flex 6500
Flex 6300 Icom 756 Pro III Kenwood TS570
Kenwood TS590 Kenwood TS2000 Yaesu FT857/897
Yeasu FT990/991 Yaesu FT950 Yaesu FTdx1200
Yaesu FTdx3000 KPA500 Learn More

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  • Autotune Power Range:  10W — 100W
  • For optimum matching accuracy, tune with >20W.
  • Selectable Antenna Outputs: 3
  • Weight: 4.6 pounds ( 2.1 kg )


Frequency Typical Matching Range and Power Limit
3 — 30 MHz 600W into 5 to 500 Ohms (10:1 SWR)
1000W into 16 to 150 Ohms (3:1 SWR )
1.8 — 2MHz 600W into 10 to 500 Ohms (5:1 Low Impedance, 10:1 High Impedance SWR)
1000W into 16 to 150 Ohms (3:1 SWR )
30 — 60MHz 500W into 5:1 SWR (10 to 250 Ohms)

Matching specified to a 1.0:1 to 1.6:1 resultant SWR. Power rating is ICAS (Intermittent Commercial and Amateur Service). 



  • E980262 Power Cable, 3ft, APP to 2.1MM connector
  • E850463 KAT500 to K3S/K3 Enhanced Mode Cable
  • KXUSBa Extra Cable - USB RS232 to 3.5mm Cable




    Q: Can I use a 5 or 10 watt radio with the KAT500?

    A: The KAT500 can tune with as little as 10 W but we recommend 20 W to 100 W for best tuning accuracy. If the KAT500 has already stored a tuning memory for the current frequency, it is possible to recall the tuned memory setting with less than 10 W. The KAT500 measures transmit frequency to automatically select tuning memories and antennas

    Q: If I have a K3 with a KAT3 100W Auto Tuner, what do I do when using my

    A: The KAT3 should be set to bypass in the K3's CONFIG menu when using  the KAT500 to prevent unnecessary loss in signal strength.

    Q: If I am using the AUX cable from the K3 to the KAT500 then to the KPA500, should I also connect the PA Key-Line on the KPA500?

    A: No, do not connect the PA KEY cable from the K3 to the KPA500 when the KPAK3AUX cables are routed through the KAT500 to the amp. The KAT500 interrupts the PA key line via the aux cables when automatically tuning.



    KPA500/KAT500 Power Combo Quantity Price
    PWRCOMBO-F KPA500 & KAT500 Power Combo, Assembled NOTE: Select 1 PWR Cable Below $2,849.90 $2,924.90
    PWRCOMBO-K KPA500 & KAT500 Power Combo, Kit NOTE: Select 1 PWR Cable Below $2,609.90 $2,684.90
    PWR-VKZL Australian Power Cord W/ Fuses $0.00
    PWR-US240 US 240V Power Cord Exchange $0.00
    PWR-EU2P IEC-European (Schuko) Power Cord w/fuses $0.00
    PWR-US IEC 120V U.S Power Cord w/fuses $0.00

    Plays Well With Others PowerCombo & Cable Packages Quantity Price
    KENPWRCMB-F PowerCombo Factory Assembled, Includes Kenwood cable, CBL-KENKEY $2,889.85 $2,964.85
    KENPWRCMB-K PowerCombo Kit, Includes Kenwood cable, CBL-KENKEY $2,649.85 $2,724.85
    KEN480PWRCMB-F PowerCombo Factory Assembled, Includes Kenwood cable CBL-KENKEY480 $2,889.85 $2,964.85
    KEN480PWRCMB-K PowerCombo Kit, Includes Kenwood cable CBL-KENKEY480 $2,649.85 $2,724.85
    IC7XPWRCMB-F PowerCombo, Factory Assembled, Includes Icom cable $2,889.85 $2,964.85
    IC7XPWRCMB-K PowerCombo, Kit, Includes Icom cable ICOMKEY706 $2,649.85 $2,724.85
    ICPWRCMB-F PowerCombo Factory Assembled, includes Icom cable CBL-ICOMKEY $2,889.85 $2,964.85
    ICPWRCMB-K PowerCombo Kit, includes Icom cable CBL-ICOMKEY $2,649.00 $2,724.00
    FLXPWRCMB-F PowerCombo Factory Assembled, includes FLEX cable CBL-FLEXKEY $2,889.85 $2,964.85
    FLXPWRCMB-K PowerCombo Kit, includes FLEX cable CBL-FLEXKEY $2,649.85 $2,724.85
    YAEPWRCMB-F PowerCombo Factory Assem., includes Yaesu cable CBL-YAESUKEY $2,889.85 $2,964.85
    YAEPWRCMB-K PowerCombo Kit, includes Yaesu cable CBL-YAESUKEY $2,649.85 $2,724.85

    KAT500 Quantity Price
    KAT500-K KAT500-K High Power ATU, Kit $634.95 $659.95
    KAT500-F KAT500-F High Power ATU $674.95 $699.95

    Options Quantity Price
    KXSER SWAP No charge for exchanging KXUSB for a KXSER $0.00
    KXUSB KXUSB USB Cable (Free With Unit Purchase) $0.00
    KXUSBa Extra Cable - USB RS232 to 3.5mm Cable $39.95
    E980262 Power Cable, 3ft, APP to 2.1MM connector $19.95
    E850463 KAT500 to K3S/K3 Enhanced Mode Cable $29.95

    KAT500 Books Quantity Price
    E740244 KPA500/KAT500 book from Fred Cady $39.00

    Elecraft Wear Quantity Price
    KHAT Elecraft Logo Hat $18.00
    T-Shirt Elecraft Logo T-Shirt /S--Light Gray $18.00
    T-Shirt Elecraft Logo T-Shirt M--Light Gray $18.00
    T-Shirt Elecraft Logo T-Shirt L--Light Gray $18.00
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    MWT-Shirt Make Waves T-Shirt XXXLLight Gray $18.00

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