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The BNC-BP enables the portable operator to quickly put up a simple wire antenna.  It fits onto the BNC Antenna connector of the KX2, KX3, K2, K1 or KX1.  



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An important tool for the portable radio operator, the BNC-BP makes it simple to throw a wire into a tree, connect it to the red terminal and attach some counterpoise wires to the black terminal and you're on the air!

Small enough to pack away in a backpack or go-box, the BNC-BP plus some wire can make for lightweight portable activity on a moment's notice.





Q: How much wire will I need to make up an effective antenna for the popular ham bands such as 20M?

A: You can prepare one length of 43 feet of wire for the red terminal.  Use this wire in a tree or other tall structure.  Then, connect 4 wires of about a 10 foot length to the black terminal.  These are the counterpoise wires which will be arranged around your operating position with the radio.  To store it, cut a small piece of wood in a bow-tie form and then roll the wires up onto to it.  That's all there is to it!

Q:  Are there any limits for how short the wires should be and what about the gauge of wire I'd use?

A:  Generally, the longer the wire the better.  You can reduce the length of the radiating wire (connected to the red terminal) to about 20 to 25 feet but the ham bands below about 20 Meters will not work as well.  As for gauge, plan on using 18 or 20 gauge for the antenna.