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Builders for Hire - United States

Here are some hams who are willing to build K1's, K2's, K3Ss, KPA500s and our other kits for others. Some will charge less for those who cannot build a kit themselves due to a disability, etc. All are friendly and helpful people who really enjoy building!

It is assumed that kits built for you will be for your own personal use, not for resale, unless specifically agreed to between builder and buyer.

Note to Buyers
Elecraft can't officially vouch for the skills or guarantee the work of those listed below, but most are experienced builders. Your agreement for building your kit is with the builder and not with Elecraft. Please contact them for more information and references.

Note to Builders
We suggest that you charge a reasonable fee for kit construction--this will acknowledge your effort and affirm the buyer's sincerity. Of course you can build for little or no fee if you wish, but give this gift of your time wisely. (Elecraft cannot provide assurances that a particular buyer is likely to be acting in good faith.)

If you would like to be added to or removed from this list, if you find that an email is incorrect for any of those listed below, please email us.  

Looking for International Builders? Visit this page.


Alan Price
Will build for disabled & older hams for free. Has built 150+ K2s, plus K1s, KX1s etc. 
Doug Shields W4DAS w4das@comcast.net Building electronics since 1972.  Made a career of it. Modest fees. Stuart, Florida
Michael Trager N2ZDB



Diagnostic and Repair Technician with over 25 years of experience. Will build or update any kit for a reasonable fee.

Mooresville, NC
Alan Wilcox 



W3DVX since 1955; Amateur Extra since 1957. Built dozens of Heathkits and many K2s. Electrical Engineer (computer h/w & s/w) In addition to building kits, will finish kits for you if you need help. Reasonable rates. Now offering extensive repair services for all legacy Elecraft equipment. Williamsport, PA
Mark Lacy W5TXR w5txr.us@gmail.com Have all of the necessary tools and test equipment (including a calibrated IFR-1500S) to do a professional job. Have been a ham for almost 25 years, built many Heathkits and Elecrafts. Will build for a modest fee. 
Mychael Morohovich AA3WF toroidguy@earthlink.net PRE WOUND TOROIDS FOR THE K2, K1 AND KX1