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August Specials Extended!


Elecraft's KX-line includes radios and accessories bred for adventure. For eXtremes. To let you operate from places you could never operate before, without sacrificing performance or features. Products include the KX2 and KX3 low-power transceivers, PX3 panadapter, and KXPA100 100 watt amplifier. 

The KX3 covers 160-6 meters, all modes, with a maximum power output of 15 W, while the KX2 covers 80-10 meters, all modes, at up to 12 watts. Both include true desktop-radio features, like auto-notch, noise reduction, built-in text decode/display, and RX/TX EQ. With a built-in battery and low current drain, you can operate for many hours between charges, even at full power. 

Our KX-line HF transceivers are the most compact and versatile on the market, allowing hand-held, trailside, mobile, or table-top operation. They're the only transceivers that can easily segue among these modes. For example, suppose your high-performance home station included the KX3, KXPA100 amp and PX3 panadapter. In seconds, you could disconnect the KX3 and relocate it to a vehicle for mobile operation. Then, at your destination, you could unclip the KX3 from its mobile mount and take it camping or hiking. 

The KX2 is half the size of the KX3, weighing only 13 oz (0.37 kg). This allows it to be used like an "HT". A KXPA100 amp can also be used with the KX2, creating an even smaller home station.  

For the ultimate in portability, consider taking along our new AX1 multi-band whip antenna. The AX1 can be connected directly to a KX2 or KX3 for hand-held use, or right-angle-mounted to the rig with our AXB1 whip bipod.

KX3 Transceiver



KX2 Transceiver