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K-Line Transceivers

Elecraft’s flagship product line consists of the K3S transceiver, P3 panadapter, KPA1500 1500 W amplifier, and the KPA500 amp/KAT500 antenna tuner (often used together). Station accessories include the SP3 speaker and K-Pod station controller.

K-Line components can be used individually or combined to form a fully integrated 100 W, 500 W, or 1500 W high-performance station. The system can be optimized for DXing, contesting, or casual operation by adding components at any time, in any order. This allows the station to adapt to your requirements.

Unlike other desktop transceivers, the K3S and most other K-Line components are available in both modular kit and factory-built form. This is in keeping with Elecraft's commitment to hands-on ham radio...the experience of building and understanding the gear, not just operating it.


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