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Builders Resources

Application Note Applied to model?
PSK31 with the K2 (.pdf), by WA7SPY K2
K2 LCD and Backlight Pre-installation Notes K2
K1 Quick Reference Card K1
Control Cable to Use a KAT100 without a KIO2W1SRB K2
K2 AGC Level App Note K2
XV Bypassing Cap Builder's Alert XV Transverter
New K2 Quick Reference Card, by Van, NS6N K2
Pre Wound Toroids for the K1, K2, KPA100 and accessories from AA3WF K2
Soldering Tutorial: What to do, and what NOT to do to get excellent solder joints. By Tom, N0SS K2
K2 2nd Stage Xfil Mod, for 'Flatter' SSB Filter Response Equalizes the RX frequency response between USB and LSB. K2
Cheap and Dirty Signal Tracing for the K1 N0SS K1
Cheap and Dirty Signal Tracing for the K2 N0SS K2
K2 Signal Tracing Pictures KC8SES (pdf) K2
Setting the K2 power control for 5w maximum By (Ingo, DK3RED) K2
Optional K2 Power Control Mod, N6KR K2
Notes on setting up the FWD/REF Power settings on the KAT2 ATU AB7MY K2
KAT2 CALn note ATU Construction and Alignment Notes K2
Grounding the K2 Mic Jack Instructions for optional grounding of the shell on the K2 microphone jack. K2
K1 App Note: 1 Dec 2000 Minor T-R switch mod K1
Winding T2 for Maximum Power Output on 12/10M, by AB7MY K2
Simple K2 RX mod handles extremely strong on-frequency signals K2
K2 Modifications for use at 100W (10M and VFO/ALC mod kit) K2
Getting the INFO 80 Message? Look here! K2
K2 Filter Adjustment and Mod App. Notes K2
Adjusting C22 to calibrate the K2's Frequency Display K2
W3FPR's K2 Mod Articles Page K2
Increasing K2 RX Gain, N6KR K2
EU 40 Meter K2 Narrow Bandpass Filter K2
RF Detector Accuracy Improvement, N6KR K2
K2 and PSK31 Q&A K2
An excellent index of customer mods by Sverre, LA3ZA K1
Using the KFL1-4 over a wide temperature range K1
Application Note: K1 QSK Improvement in High QRM situations. K1
K2 App. Note: Resolving 17m AGC / S-meter activation from huge signals on the 18m SW band K2
Using the K2 for General Coverage RX K2
K2 External Power Amplifier Keying Circuit, WA6HHQ K2
Milliwatting with the K2 N6KR (How to optimize your K2 for accurate power control at low powers.) K2
Too busy to operate? Try SCANning! K2
Modifications to the KSB2 to Improve IMD in PSK31 Transmissions, KI6WX K2