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With the Edgewood Package, your KH1 becomes a fully integrated station, with a fold-out log tray and pen, plug-in keyer paddle, battery, internal battery charger, ATU, and whip antenna. It all fits in our versatile ES20 carrying case – or in your back pocket.

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To charge the battery internally, you need the KHIBC1, Internal Battery Charger AND the SS30DV, Compact Power Supply [or some other type of external power source] OR you need to remove the battery and use the KXBT2, Rechargeable Battery to charge it externally using the KXBC2 Lithium-Ion fast charger.

KH1 Edgewood Package - In The Box Compare to KH1 Transceiver - In The Box

KH1 Edgewood Package ($100 Pkg Savings)


NOTE:  We currently cannot ship the KH1 to any EU country.  The KH1 is currently not CE certified. If you are interested in purchasing a KH1, please contact any of our European distributors listed here.