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What does ESD (Estimated Ship Date) mean on the Shipping Status page?
We estimate that the product will be available to ship by an estimated shipping date.  Since COVID-19, our suppliers have worked tirelessly to get materials shipped to us. However, for multiple reasons, materials aren’t always delivered on time. This is why we have an “Estimated Ship Date.”

Keep in mind other factors such as weather could impact your shipping and delivery.

Back-Ordered Items

Items that are back-ordered will be shipped in the order received.  Credit Card payments on back-ordered items will not be processed if we cannot ship within 30 days.  When we are ready to ship your order, our Sales Department will email you a payment link that incudes the items you ordered and the order number.

Note:  Credit card providers (financial institutions) determine the timeframe within which the seller must capture and process authorized payments (typically 3 to 10 days). Your payment will expire if we do not capture and process it within their timeframe.  Elecraft Sales will email you a payment link when your order is ready to ship.

Elecraft does not save your credit card information in our system.

Availability TBD (to be determine) means we are attempting to source boards/materials needed for the product. When we receive the needed materials and assembly is in process, you will receive an email with a payment link for your order.  If the item is back-ordered, you will receive a payment link when your name is reached on the Back-Order list, and your order will be shipped within 30 days of payment.  If we are unable to source parts, we will notify you.


Not all items are listed on the Shipping Status page.  Please check our Retired Products here.  The easiest way to find products or parts is by entering a description or part number (SKU) in the Search bar located on the top right-hand side of each page.