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The KXBT2 battery pack weighs about 4.8 oz, and can provide up to 8 hours of typical transceiver operation and up to 10 W power output.  You can plug in an internal battery and an external supply at the same time, and the radio will operate from whichever is higher in voltage.

New shipping regulations for Lithium Ion Batteries

Until further notice, we are currently restricted to shipping up to 3 KXBT2 batteries in a single shipment, with one of the three batteries inside a KX2 - this is for both US and international shipments. We cannot ship Lithium Ion Batteries to the following countries: Australia, Japan, Spain and Thailand. Battery orders shipped separate from the KX2 can only be shipped UPS Ground - US only.
We apologize for the inconvenience.





Q: How does the KX2’s internal battery system differ from the 8-AA pack used in the KX3?

A: The KX2 uses our KXBT2 internal battery option, a fully sealed and electronically protected lithium-ion battery pack. The KXBT2 can be plugged in either internally or externally to the transceiver. It is fitted with a 2.1mm ID/5.5mm OD plug. The pack is installed in the KX2 by opening the bottom cover as shown in the next illustration.

Q: Does the KX2 have an internal battery charger?

A: Unlike the KX3, there is no internal battery charging system for the KX2. This is in keeping with the KX2’s smaller size. A matching external battery charger (KXBC2) is available from Elecraft. This charger is designed for safe, fast charging of the KXBT2.

Q: May other battery chargers be used with the KXBT2?

A: No. Elecraft provides a complete solution for using and recharging the KXBT2. Specific voltage, current, and temperature limits are enforced to ensure safe operation. We do not recommend alternative methods of recharging the KXBT2.

Q: Can the KXBT2 be recharged while it installed in the KX2?

A: No. The KXBT2 Charger can only be used to recharge a KXBT2 that has been removed from the KX2. For longer outings, you may wish to bring a spare battery pack.

Q: Will the KXBT2 battery fit inside the KX3?

A: No. The dimensions of the KXBT2 will not allow it to fit inside the KX3, even if its AA battery holders are removed. The KXBT2 can, however, be connected to a KX3 externally and will operate the KX3 at up to 10 W output. The KXBT2 will also power most devices rated for 9 to 15 volts, including our other small transceivers, PX3 (matching panadapter for the KX3), and XG3 signal generator.



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