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KX2 Fully Portable Transceiver Manuals

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Title Manual Revision Download Size
KX-Line Brochure KX-Line: KX2/KX3 Transceivers and Accessories 11/2016 1.18 Mb
KX2 Owner's Manual KX2 Owners Manual Rev B2 (3/22/2023) 3.17 Mb
KX2 Programmers Reference K3S, K3, KX3 & KX2 Programmer's Reference Rev G4 (11/22/2018) 573 Kb
KX2 Schematic Files KX2 Schematics Compiled into a single PDF Rev A (7/28/2017) 626 Kb
KX2 Quick Reference KX2 Control Panel Reference Rev. 2 633 Kb
KX2 CW UI KX2 CW User Interface and Physical Description for Blind Operators Rev. A4 (5/31/2016) 106 Kb
KXAT2 Instructions KXAT2 Installation Instructions Rev B (6/26/2017) 884 Kb
NEW! KXIBC2 Installation /Operation KXIBC2 Internal Battery Charger Module
Installation & Operating Instructions
Rev B3 (2/16/2023) 1.2 Mb
KXBC2/KXBT2 Manual KXBC2 Smart Battery Charger/KXBT2 Li-Ion Battery Pack Manual Rev B (9/16/2016) 270 Kb
KXPD2 Instruction Manual KXPD2 Precision Keyer Paddle Rev D (8/2/2022) 303 Kb
KXIO2 Instructions KXIO2 Instructions Rev B (6/18/2016) 900 Kb