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Route your cables flexibly with the BNC-RA.  This adapter allows the operator to position the coax cable to route to the back of the desk instead of from the right side.  


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The BNC-RA adapter allows easy pivoting of the antenna coax for maximum ease of set up when operating portable.  It fits easily in a backpack or go-box, so purchase one for each and one for the shack.





Q: How does the BNC-RA pivot and what does this do for me?

A:  Both ends of the BNC-BP can be readjusted once the coax has been connected to them.  This means that, as you set up, you can readjust the positioning of the radio, the coax and the operating position without having to disassemble the antenna system from the radio. 

Q:  How much power can I use with the BNC-RA?

A:  We have tested it to well over 100 watts so you can use it with the KXPA100 and your KX3 or KX2 if needed.