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K4 Transceivers

If purchasing a new transceiver, amplifier, tuner or panadapter, we recommend purchasing these items from the product pages where you'll find valuable information on configuring your new purchase.

Attention - K4 Shipping Info

Please see the Shipping Status page for K4 shipping updates.  K4HD price is to be determined.  Full payment, including tax and shipping costs, is due at the time of shipping.  We will contact you by email to verify your shipping address and payment amount due when your order is ready to ship.

Order will be shipped based upon the order date, not by the deposits received. A deposit is not required. 

 - Please select all options listed that you plan to purchase (KAT4 Antenna Tuner, SP4 Speaker, K-Pod, MH4 Mic). The options are listed as No Deposit. This will allow us to plan accordingly. A deposit is not required.  You may cancel options at any time.

 - An email will be sent to you when your order is ready to ship.  The email will include your order, payment due, and shipping address verification.


Parts & Mod Kits

You can order parts under the Parts & Mod Kits section below.  If you're unable to find the part you need, just complete a Request Support Form and we will provide you with the part number and price.  If you decide to purchase the part, then place your Parts Order here.

If you are unable to find a part, please see Retired Products here or email Elecraft Parts Request.