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The K2 is a full-featured HF transceiver with the options you have come to expect from radios costing over twice as much. Two VFOs with multiple memories, split TX/RX operation, RIT/XIT, full break-in CW, memory keyer, narrow IF crystal filtering, excellent RX dynamic range and IF derived AGC are standard on the K2.

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Performance: We've designed big rig features and performance into the K2. Eric and Wayne are experienced CW operators, so solid CW performance (in addition to SSB) is a priority with the K2. Excellent sensitivity and dynamic range, Full QSK Break-in (diode switched), adjustable RX/TX CW pitch, High Speed Memory Keyer, Selectable RX Sideband, and Sharp IF Crystal Filtering are standard. Check out our K2 Performance Number Comparisons with other radios for more details.

Low Power Consumption

The K2 is designed for use both at home and in the field. The K2’s low receive current (approx. 150 mA in battery save mode) makes portable operation possible from small gel cell batteries. The K2 even includes an option for an internal 2.9-Ah rechargeable battery.

Easy Alignment: No sophisticated test equipment beyond a digital multi-meter is required to align the K2. Our built-in microprocessor and A/D circuitry monitor all important signals and provide user feedback during calibration. They even include a built in general purpose frequency counter, volt meter and radio current drain meter. Our thousands of K2 owners will attest to their success building the K2!

Customizable: We've designed the K2 for easy user modification. All interfaces and signals are fully described in the manual.

Information on K60XV Upgrade

Note: This product is a kit which may involve building the product by selecting individual components, soldering them to the circuit board, winding toroids, installing LEDs and displays, calibrating circuits to meet specified performance levels.  

KPA100 Amplifier Notice

After twenty years of offering our kit-builders the KPA100, we have retired the amplifier. Several of the parts needed to build the amp are no longer available.  We will continue to provide support to our KPA100 customers. If you are looking for an amplifier option for your KPA100, please contact Elecraft Support.

K2 Packages 

K2 PAK 1 K2 PAK 2 K2 PAK 3
K2 HF Transceiver K2 HF Transceiver K2 HF Transceiver
KNB2 Noise Blanker KSB2 SSB Option KSB2 SSB Option
$35 Savings! KNB2 Noise Blanker KNB2 Noise Blanker

$50 Savings! KAT2 20W Internal ATU

$75 Savings!



  • Rugged, attractive custom enclosure
  • Small, portable size: 2.9h x 7.8w x 8.2d inches
  • Weight 3.3 lbs. (excluding internal options)
  • 80-10 meter ham band+ coverage; 160 m optional
  • Efficient 12 Volt (10 - 15 V) operation for home or field
  • Receive current as low as 150 mA (battery save mode)
  • CW-only or SSB/CW + Digital Modes with SSB option
  • Back-lit LCD and LED bargraph; day/night settings
  • PLL synthesized--low phase noise
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • 3 transverter bands; programmable display, I.F., power 
  • Dual VFOs with split operation
  • Direct keypad entry of frequencies and memory channels
  • RIT and XIT with four offset ranges 
  • Built-in high-efficiency speaker 
  • Memories store mode, VFO A/B, split, RX filter, etc. 
  • Simple menu system for advanced settings. (Up to two menu functions can be assigned to the two programmable front panel function keys.) 
  • Room for additional connectors on the rear panel 
  • Smart ‘hunt and pounce’ band-scanning mode


  • Low-noise, single-conversion superhet receiver
  • Double-balanced diode mixer for excellent dynamic range
  • Receive sensitivity: 0.15 uV (pre-amp on, typical.)
  • Narrow ham-band, double-tuned bandpass
  • RX/TX filters, relay switched for better IMD response
  • Smooth, fast attack, I.F.-derived AGC (no "popping") 
  • Switchable preamp and attenuator
  • Variable-bandwidth I.F. crystal filtering
  • Multiple VFO tuning rate selections
  • 10 Hz tuning resolution
  • Bar graph S/RF OUT/ALC meter
  • Adjustable squelch 


  • Adjustable 0.1-15 W (K2), 0.1 – 100W (K2/100)
  • Rugged, SWR-protected, push-pull PA transistors
  • Programmable current limit for battery operation
  • Harmonics and spurious outputs: Better than –40 dBc 


  • Full diode switched break-in with variable QSK delay (Both at QRP and 100W levels)
  • 9-memory keyer; iambic A and B; adjustable weight
  • 9-50 wpm (internal keyer); 70+ wpm (external keying)
  • Programmable message repeat interval
  • Simultaneous computer and paddle CW keying inputs
  • Variable bandwidth crystal filter (approx. 200 - 2000 Hz)
  • Adjustable RX CW offset with tracking TX side tone.
  • Selectable opposite sideband RX for QRM reduction 


    QST Magazine "The K2’s receiver performance compares very favorably to that of the samples of the high-end radios we’ve recently examined... The fact that a radio in this price class—and a home-built one at that—can stand proudly in such company is a remarkable accomplishment."  March 2002 QST 


       Important Note: The KUSB cable cannot be directly plugged into the K2 without damaging components in the K2. A custom-built cable must be placed between any standard RS-232 connection and the K2 Aux I/O connector. This pertains to PCs with existing RS-232 ports, USB to RS-232 converters and our own KUSB cable. Review the K2 Connection Instructions in regards to using the KUSB with the K2.  

          K2 Packages Quantity Price
          K2PK1 K2 PAK 1 - $35 Package Savings
          K2PK2 K2 PAK 2 - $50 Package Savings
          K2PK3 K2 PAK 3 - $75 Package Savings

          K2 HF Transceiver Quantity Price
          K2 Transceiver Kit K2 Transceiver Kit

          K2 Options Quantity Price
          KAT2 KAT2 20W Internal ATU
          KAF2 K2 Audio Filter & Real Time Clock
          KBT2 KBT2 Internal Battery Kit
          KBT2-X KBT2 w/o Battery
          KIO2 KIO2 RS-232 Serial Interface
          KSB2 KSB2 SSB Option for K2
          KNB2 KNB2 K2 Noise Blanker Option
          K160RX K160RX 160M Option

          K2 Accessories Quantity Price
          PROSET-K2 Proset-K2 Boom Headset
          SS30DV SS30DV Compact Switching Power Supply
          KUSB KUSB Serial Adapter Cable
          KPCA-F KPCA-F Power Cable
          ETS2 ETS2 Std 3" Tilt Stand for KAT100
          MH4-K2 MH4 Hand Held Microphone

          K2 Manuals Quantity Price
          E740001 K2 Manual

          K2 Upgrades Quantity Price
          FW K2MCUIO K2 MCU F/W Upgrade to 2.04; K2 IOC Upgrade to 1.09
          FW KDSP2 KDSP2 Firmware Upgrade to Rev. 3.1
          FW KSB2 KSB2 F/W Upgrade to 1.08
          FWKAT100 KAT100 F/W Upgrade to 1.05
          FWKAT2 KAT2 F/W Upgrade to 1.07
          FWKPA100 KPA100 Firmware Upgrade to 1.10

          K2 Revision A to B Upgrade Quantity Price
          BFOMDKT K2 BFO Toroid & PLL Ref Osc Xtal Upgrade
          E850093 10M BPF, VFO/ALC Mod Kit
          E850138 K2 Temperature Compensated PLL Reference Upgrade
          FW K2MCUIO K2 MCU F/W Upgrade to 2.04; K2 IOC Upgrade to 1.09
          K2ATOBKT K2 Rev A to B Upgrade Parts
          XFIL MOD KIT 2nd Filter Upgrade for the K2

          K2 Rev B Component Upgrade Kit Quantity Price
          FW K2MCUIO K2 MCU F/W Upgrade to 2.04; K2 IOC Upgrade to 1.09
          E850138 K2 Temperature Compensated PLL Reference Upgrade
          E740001 K2 Manual
          K2BCOMPKT K2 Rev B Component Upgrade Kit

          Elecraft Wear Quantity Price
          KHAT Elecraft Logo Hat
          T-Shirt Elecraft Logo T-Shirt S--Light Gray
          T-Shirt Elecraft Logo T-Shirt M--Light Gray
          T-Shirt Elecraft Logo T-Shirt L--Light Gray
          T-Shirt Elecraft Logo T-Shirt XL--Light Gray
          T-Shirt Elecraft Logo T-Shirt XXL--Light Gray
          T-Shirt Elecraft Logo T-Shirt XXXL--Light Gray
          MWT-Shirt Make Waves T-Shirt SLight Gray
          MWT-Shirt Make Waves T-Shirt MLight Gray
          MWT-Shirt Make Waves T-Shirt LLight Gray
          MWT-Shirt Make Waves T-Shirt XLLight Gray
          MWT-Shirt Make Waves T-Shirt XXLLight Gray
          MWT-Shirt Make Waves T-Shirt XXXLLight Gray

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