The KUSB cable enables computer communication with a number of Elecraft's products including, the KPA500, K3, P3, KRC2, W2 and K2.



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The KUSB cable is a USB to RS232 adapter cable intended to support the connection the K3 Utility to the original K3, KPA500 and other Elecraft products.  It is supported on Windows, MacIntosh and x86 Linux operating systems.





  • USB 2.0 connection
  • FTDI chipset (may require download and installation of the FTDI driver for your operating system)
  • DB9, 9 pin connector for use with many Elecraft radios and accessories.
  • Length:  5 Ft.





    Q:  I have an Apple computer and a Linux computer.  Do I need to order the KUSB for those computers?

    A: Yes.  The KUSB adapter cable can be used on most any MacIntosh or x86 Linux operating system.  You will need to download and install the appropriate driver from the FTDI web site. 

    If you have a USB port on your computers, we recommend the KUSB cable.

    Q:  I have an older laptop that still has a 9-pin COM port on it but it also has USB ports available.  Which cable should I use?

    A:  Where possible, we always recommend the KUSB cable.  This cable provides the flexibility to connect to most any newer computer available today.




    The KUSB cable cannot be directly plugged into the K2 without damaging components in the K2. A custom-built cable must be placed between any standard RS-232 connection and the K2 Aux I/O connector. This pertains to PC's with existing RS-232 ports, USB to RS-232 converters and our own KUSB cable. Review these instructions in regards to using the KUSB with the K2.