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The AX2 is small enough to take anywhere – just in time for lightweight field ops during the new solar cycle. Use it HT-style with a hand-held, like the KX2; on a picnic table with an AXB1 whip bipod; or with a tripod and AXT1 tripod adapter. The AX2's rugged, nylon housing is water-resistant, with low wind resistance and our new anti-wobble design.

Experimenters will love the AX2’s versatile design. A snap-off cover provides access to the high-Q inductor. Simply remove turns and re-solder one wire to cover your favorite band. Clip-off tabs are provided for band identification.

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Resonant Frequencies

AX2: ~14 MHz (20 m) AXE1: ~7.2 MHz (40 m) Resonant frequencies may vary +/- 400 kHz or more due to variations in terrain, antenna height, body capacitance, and length of radial(s).

Supplied Radial Wire

AX2: 13 ft. (4 m). AXE1: 33 ft. (10 m). Includes spade lug.

Max. Power 

15 Watts. If RFI symptoms are observed, reduce power or move the antenna farther from the transceiver.


Corrosion-resistant whip and hardware; Lexan outer tube; high-Q inductors using #20 AWG high-temp enamel wire.

Dimensions (approx.)

Whip: 6” (15 cm) collapsed, 45” (115 cm) extended. Base unit: 2.5” (6 cm). AXE1 extender: 6” (15 cm).


AX2: 3.2 oz. (90 g). AXE1: 2.0 oz. (55 g).


Comparison Chart  

 The table below shows how the new AX2 20-meter mini-whip compares to our original AX1 multi-band whip. Both are designed for lightweight portable operation. 

The versatile AX1 covers multiple bands via a selector switch and can handle up to 30 W continuous TX power.

The ultra-compact AX2 has a new anti-tilt base design that minimizes BNC connector wobble – ideal for hand-held (HTstyle) use. While the AX2 covers 20 meters as shipped, it can be modified by the user to cover any single band from 17 through 6 meters. The base unit includes small tabs that can be clipped off to identify the target band.

NOTE: Both whips are intended to be used with an ATU to compensate for terrain, body capacitance, height, etc.

2-Piece Construction Yes Yes
Base Length 6" (15 cm) 2.5" (6 cm)
Whip (Collapsed) 6" (15 cm) 6" (15 cm)
Whip (Extended) 45" (115 cm) 45" (115 cm)
Bands (with ATU) 20/17/15 20 m
User-modifiable No Yes
Power Rating 30 W 15 W
Band Switch Yes No
Anti-Tilt Design No Yes
40-meter Extender Yes Yes
Whip Bipod Yes Yes
Tripod Adapter Yes Yes




  • AXT1 Tripod Adapter
  • AXB1 Bipod, includes BNC-RA
  • AXW1 Replacement Telescoping Whip
  • AXE1 40 Meter Antenna Extender
  • E770064 13' Ground Wire with lug (extra wire - one incl. w/AX2)



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