Email List Server Information

The ELECRAFT email list server (reflector) is provided to further the discussion of Elecraft products and related items. It serves as a forum for the discussion of both technical and operating topics including KX1/K1/K2/K3/KX3/P3/KPA500 features, construction and debugs problems, sharing your enthusiasm and impressions from using our products and more general ham radio related topics of interest to our customers. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge and information available via the searchable list archives and by posting your questions to the list. (You must be subscribed to post to the list.)

To subscribe to the list, or to change your subscription options (like set mail delivery to 'off'), click here for the Options page.


Submitted Photos

Thanks to everyone who submitted their photos to us for our new website.  Your photos were amazing and it was hard to chose which photos to display for our launch...we must have received over a hundred photos!  We will continue to swap out photos, so keep a look out...your photo might show up one day!

In the mean time, we will be adding your photos to our gallery.  If you don't see your photo in the gallery, don't worry - we're still uploading them to the site.  If you emailed us more than one photo, we'll pick the best of the bunch to post.


Share your Pictures!

Email pictures of your shack, your Elecraft equipment out in the field, contesting and DXpeditions.  We'll even post your videos of Elecraft equipment in action!  


Submission Guidelines

  • Email pictures and videos to
  • Please email pictures and videos of yourself.  If there are others in your picture or video, please get their permission to post on our site.
  • Use JPG format for photos.
  • Video preferred format: MP4, a maximum length of 60 seconds.
  • Photos and videos must include a credit: name of the photographer and organizational affiliation (if applicable).
  • Photos must each include a unique, detailed caption, which includes a
    description of what is going on in the photo, who is involved, where it was taken.  Captions should not be more than two sentences in length. 

The fine print

  • Photos/videos must each be submitted by the photographer or with permission.
  • Pictures/videos of children (under 18 yrs) requires parent's permission to post on Elecraft website.  Written consent is required for minors.
  • Elecraft may request written consent for any submitted photos or videos. Written consent is required for minors.
  • We have the right to not post pictures or videos.


If you have any problems with the Elecraft list or submitting photos/videos, please email: