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The information provided in Tech Notes were contributed by Elecraft users. They are considered “unsupported, contributed documents.” That is, maintenance and updates, including links to other resources and online information are not guaranteed to be up-to-date or available. Elecraft may elect to update the documents but makes no commitment to do so.

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KX3 Tech Notes and Articles  Contributed By
KX3 complete portable station box* (dk6ah.darc.de) Andreas Herzog, DK6AH


K3 Tech Notes and Articles  Contributed By
Switch box for local and remote operation(dk6ah.darc.de) Andreas Herzog, DK6AH
K3/0-Mini with wifi(dk6ah.darc.de) Andreas Herzog, DK6AH
How to get on 500 kHz with your K3 (.pdf)** Dick Hissink, PA3CW


K2 Tech Notes and Articles  Contributed By
SP2 Companion External Speaker for the Elecraft K2  (.pdf)** Dave White, VE6DRW
Using the Elecraft K2 with a Microwave Modules MMT144/28 Transverter  (.pdf) Dave Johnson, G4AON
K2 Cheap and Dirty Signal Tracing  (.pdf) Tom Hammond, N0SS
Transverter Application Note, How to interface your K2 or any other rig to a transverter.  (.pdf)** Dave Olean, K1WHS &
Jay Rutherford, K1UC
Transverter Supplemental Notes  (.pdf) K1JD
Modifying the K2 to bring out signals for digital modes.  (.pdf) Paulí Nuñez, EA3BLQ
Update to add Pauli's digital board to K2's with a KAF2 installed. (.pdf)** Paulí Nuñez, EA3BLQ
An Audio Notch and Band-Pass Filter for the K2 (.pdf) Randy Hargenrader, WJ4P
K2 Mod Articles * (www.qsl.net/w3fpr/) W3FPR
An FT900 Knob for my K2* (www.qsl.net/w3fpr/) W3FPR
Setting the K2 power control for 5w maximum (.pdf)** also in German  (.pdf)** Ingo, DK3RED
Care and Feeding of Your K2 Battery  (.pdf) Bob Lewis, AA4PB


K1 Tech Notes and Articles  Contributed By
K1 Cheap and Dirty Signal Tracing  (.pdf) Tom Hammond, N0SS


Tech Notes and Articles  Contributed By
Electronic Design Magazine Article
"Why I Design"* (www.electronicdesign.com)
Wayne Burdick, N6KR
Musings on an Experiment in QRP  (.pdf)**
(Reprinted by permission from CQ Magazine)
Bob Locher, W9KNI
The DX Prowess of HF Receivers (.pdf)*
(ARRL QEX magazine)
Tadeusz Raczek, SP7HT
Miniature Magnetic Loops  (.pdf) David Posthuma, WD8PUO
Soldering Tutorial, What to do, and what NOT to do, to get excellent solder joints. (.pdf)** Tom Hammond, N0SS
A Switchbox for Digital Modes with Auto Compression Disable* (www.qsl.net/w3fpr/) W3FPR
Ask Dr. Solder (.pdf) Conrad Weiss, NN6CW
ABX Variable Filter Mod for the Sierra (.pdf) Wayne Burdick, N6KR
Confessions of a QRO Op gone QRP (.pdf) Ed, W0YK

Tech Notes features technical articles submitted by our customers and others.  Topics can be Elecraft related or more general interest. Articles range from radio mods to technical 'how to' write ups. New articles will be posted monthly (or more often) and previous ones will also be archived on this page. We hope this page becomes a clearing house for useful information to the amateur radio community.

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