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International Distribution & Repair Centers

In addition to ordering direct from Elecraft via this web order page, you may also order Elecraft products through several factory authorized non-exclusive distributors outside of the U.S. These distributors also provide excellent local support and service.

Italy and Europe: Carlo Bianconi (Distributor and Authorized European Elecraft Service Center, Italian K3 Manual)

Carlo and his staff also speak excellent English and provide Elecraft authorized repair services both for warranty and after warranty service to all Elecraft customers. There are Italian and English options on this website. Carlo has also now translated the K3 Manual into Italian.
Lutz Electronics

Switzerland and Europe: Lutz-Electronics

Carine, HB9FZC and René, HB9NBG are the owners of Lutz-Electronics. Both are very active in different Amateurradio-modes and have a lot of practical experiences in Portable-, first of all in SOTA-operation as well as in contesting and DXing. Onsite, they have a state-of-the-art demo shack with the newest Elecraft radios and Amplifiers and big antenna equipment for testing radios.  Lutz-Electronics repair center services all Elecraft radios.  Language: German, French and English.