Antenna Tuners

Antenna Tuners

Elecraft produces a wide range of automatic antenna tuners from 20 Watts and up to 500 watts. 

All of our tuners are optimized to operate with Elecraft transceivers, and the T1 and KAT500 can be used with most non-Elecraft transceiver available today.

All Elecraft linear amplifiers use fast, silent T/R switching diodes for fast operation, are fully fault protected and all solid state for no-tune, fast QSY between bands.  Fully trainable, these automatic tuners memorize the tuning elements needed for fast QSY between bands.  Further, they are all rated to tune antennas and transmission lines up to a 10:1 SWR at rated power.

Consistent with the ham radio hobby, our T1 and KAT500 tuners are available as Modular Kits or Factory Built. This provides the amateur radio operator with just the kind of experience and allows them to learn and understand more about how their radio equipment can further their experiences in the hobby.

Take a moment to explore Elecraft’s line of Automatic Antenna Tuners here.  500 Watt Power Combos are available, too.

The KAT500 is a high power autotuner that can be used with both the K3S and KPA500 and all other HF amplifiers and transceivers.