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Email Discussion List Guidelines

Email Discussion List Guidelines

For those of you who are new to the Elecraft email list, (and for those of us who have rapidly failing memories.), here is a quick list of things to remember when posting to this list. Please save this for future reference.

The most important thing to remember is that this is only a hobby - Let's have fun!

Identify yourself on all postings. <List Requirement> In the interest of maintaining en environment of collegiality and easy user identification, please include your callsign (if you have one) and your name in all postings to the Elecraft list. This can either be done as part of your email 'from' address or at the end of your posting. Our goal with this list is to maintain a friendly atmosphere where everyone gets to know one another and corresponds respectfully.

1. YOU MUST BE SUBSCRIBED to the [Elecraft] list to post to it. (This is done to stop advertising spammers from hitting the list.) Any postings sent to elecraft@mailman.qth.net by addresses different from the exact ones it shows as subscribers will be rejected.

This includes alias (forwarded) addresses like w1xyz@arrl.net. If you use an alias to subscribe you must have it as your from: and return address too. Subscribing with w1aw@arrl.net from your physical address of joe@aol.com will allow you to receive postings, but your postings to the list will be rejected if their from: and reply to: address does not match your subscribe address..

Go to http://mailman.qth.net/mailman/listinfo/elecraft to subscribe and to change your list preferences. To unsubscribe or to change your list preferences (digest, no mail on/off etc.), scroll to the bottom of the page and log in with your subscribed email address and the password that was sent to you by email when you subscribed (and monthly afterwards.)

2. Attachment - To use JPG pictures or other large file for use on the list, first post it to your personal web page and then post a link to its address in an email to the list. The list server strips all attachments to prevent viruses from propagating and to keep the archives at a reasonable size.

3. Please keep your postings short and the amount of copied text from previous posts to an -ABSOLUTE MINIMUM- in your replies. Always delete -everything- from the prior post (including the list information footers) except what is necessary to keep your reply in context.

Most copied messages can be reduced to one or two sentences to retain context.

Remember to delete the email list footer from the previous post and especially avoid copying a long posting and adding 'Me Too!' or something similar. As the number of users on this list grows (over 3000 now) we need to work to minimize information overload... If a reply is -not- of interest to the list, just reply directly to the posting party.

If you are overloaded by the volume of individual messages on the list, you have at least 3 options:
  • view the web format digest
  • change your subscription to the DIGEST version
  • set up your e-mail program to allow automatic filtering into separate folders based on the subject line 

You can view the searchable daily Elecraft list messages for each month in web format at: http://www.elecraft.com/elist.html These archives are updated hourly and list all postings by subject. Just click on the ones you are interested into read. You can also set your list email preferences to 'no mail' delivery, which still allows you to post to the list when reading via the digest.

You can also change your subscription to the DIGEST version, which sends you a single compilation each day.

To change your email list options or to subscribe/unsubscribe, go to: http://mailman.qth.net/mailman/listinfo/elecraft Scroll to the bottom of the page to log into your preferences page and set your mail options to 'no mail'.

You can also set up your e-mail program to do automatic filtering into separate folders based on the subject line. You will have to add a "rule" in your e-mail program to send the messages with "[Elecraft]" in their Subject line to a separate folder (named something like Elecraft or whatever you wish). You can get even fancier by filtering the messages with both "[Elecraft]" and "K3" into a separate folder called K3, etc.

For more information search the Help in your e-mail program for a subject like "rules" or "message rules".

4a. Please make an effort to keep list volume under control by resisting the urge to post a comment on every long discussion thread (CW, Band Switching, Soldering etc.) With over 3,000 list subscribers volume can quickly get out of control if everyone feels the need to comment.

While we do not overly restrict the subject matter on this list, and we encourage postings on a wide range of amateur radio related topics, please remember that the list's primary focus is on Elecraft products and their use. Many people rely on it for pointers on building, using and troubleshooting their Elecraft products.

4b. When emailing about a specific rig or option, please add the rig/option name(s) to the first part of your email subject line. (K1, K2, K3, KX1 etc.) This will be a huge help for those experiencing email overload and will allow automatic filtering based on subject line.

"Subject: [K3] Filter Options"
"Subject: [KX1] How to use ped portable?"
"Subject: [XG2] Wow! Its a big help."

Restrain the urge to email someone admonishing them about a posting.
The last thing we want to do is to scare anyone off the list. Overly aggressive postings and negative comments about other posters only serves to scare away new potential list members and give our hobby a bad name. Waiting over night before hitting 'send' really helps to put things in perspective.

If you have a complaint about someone or a thread please email it directly to me (eric@elecraft.comand I'll address it.

5a. Please -do not- post publicly or privately asking people to stop a particular thread, no matter how long, off topic or repetitive it gets. Email me instead.

I will step in when I feel it is necessary to end a thread. (eric@elecraft.com)

5a1. Please exercise restraint in posting when a thread is getting heavily covered. 10 to 20+ posts on one topic in a day is usually excessive.

5b. Do not post any direct attacks or snide comments directed at a list member. Enthusiastic arguments are encouraged, but please keep everything cordial. Members who verbally attack another (either via the list or via direct email) will be removed from the list.

As the 'official' list moderator, I'll jump in as necessary to keep everything orderly. I do this off line and occasionally to the list when it is appropriate. Our goal is to keep the Elecraft list a fun, informative central clearing house for Elecraft information and enthusiasm.

6. Please do post your technical questions and comments to the list. Elecraft owners are your best source for quick answers (and they NEVER sleep!) If you don't get the answers you need from the list please email us direct at support@elecraft.com, which is our customer service address. We do try to watch the list traffic, but we may not respond to everything immediately and may miss some postings sent to the list or our personal addresses.

6a. Please post your experiences with your Elecraft kit, DX worked, crazy ideas, product ideas, complaints etc. (yes - we do want to hear them).

7. Commercial postings are allowed if they relate to Elecraft products, QRP, QRO, home-brewing, building etc. and are of interest to this list's membership. Please keep them as short as possible and provide web links to more detailed information. I'll step in if we feel someone is posting too many messages of this type.

7a. Please limit commercial postings to one per month per offering or product area (i.e. Builder for Hire postings, ham radio related products etc.)

8. Personal attacks, flames, or strongly worded derogatory messages will not be tolerated. Please do not criticize postings by others.

In general, please do not send anything you would not say to a friend face to face in a friendly, cordial setting.

9. Send parts requests direct to parts@elecraft.com, not to the list. 

10. If you don't get an answer to a question from the list, or by checking the list archives, don't forget to check the Builder's Resource Page at www.elecraft.com and our support email addresses: support@elecraft.com.

11. And above all, LETS HAVE FUN! We hope that this email discussion list is both a good technical resource and serves as a Elecraft community gathering place. We enjoy reading it every day and it really helps us keep our energy level high so we can continue getting exciting new products out the door to you!

73, Eric WA6HHQ
Elecraft List Moderator