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Pre Wound Toroids for the K2, K1 and KX1

For those of you who don't have the time to wind toroids and to strip and tin their leads, Mychael Morohovich - AA3WF, an independent contractor, is offering this service directly to Elecraft customers. His work has been evaluated by Gary in our support group and found to be to Elecraft standards. 

All toroids come wound, stripped, and tinned - completely ready to be dropped into your PCB.

It is not necessary to send Mychael your supplies (toroids and wire). The entirety of his cores and wire are purchased directly from or through Elecraft, or their approved suppliers. So please keep the toroids and wire supplied with your kit. They may come in handy on a future project. Also, if for any reason a toroid would need to be removed by you, it would probably have to be rewound unless the leads were kept uncharacteristically long.

Mychael accepts payment via PayPal and regular mail. For your convenience, we've added his order form to our website.

You can also email Mychael at: toroidguy@earthlink.net