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August Specials Extended!

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Versatile Auto-ranging Power/SWR Meter

The Elecraft W2 wattmeter provides the fast, high-brightness LED bar graphs you need to keep track of transmitter and amplifier performance. With four power ranges (2/20/200/2000 W), the W2 can satisfy the needs of both QRO and QRP operators. The compact, attractive display unit will fit just about anywhere, requiring only 10-14 VDC and sensor cables.

Remote Sensors for Any Application

RF sensors for the W2 can be placed near the transmitter’s output, minimizing coax length. Two sensors can be connected to the W2, if required, to monitor different transmitters or ampfliers, switch-selected from the front panel. Sensors optimized for 144-450 MHz and HF-6 m are available, with two different power ranges. The sensors use standard CAT5 shielded or unshielded cables.

Amplifier Keying Control and Alarms

The W2 can be configured to generate alarm outputs at  a high SWR. It also includes a fully-isolated amplifier keying cutout relay. On any alarm condition, the amp’s key line can be broken, preventing possible damage to sensitive equipment.

Remote Control and Data Measurement

The W2’s built-in RS232 port allows you to use a computer to read both power and SWR with higher accuracy, as well as to set and check alarms, turn the LEDs off, and other operations. You can use the supplied PC software, or write your own remote-control applications. The W2’s RS232 drive circuitry is intended for short cable lengths (typically 6’), but you can also use the Elecraft KUSB or other USB-to-RS232 adapters, greatly extending the control cable length when required.

Factory-Assembled or No-Soldering Kit

You can purchase the W2 assembled and tested, or as an easy-to-build, no-soldering kit at reduced cost. Our professionally written, fully illustrated assembly manual provides step-by-step instructions.

Unsurpassed Technical Support

If you have any difficulty, our technical support via telephone and the Internet will help get your W2 up and running quickly. You can also get answers to nearly any question day or night from the helpful, tech-savvy hams on our e-mail user group.





  • Power & SWR LED bar graphs with peak/hold
  • Four power ranges with auto/manual selection
  • Up to 2 remote sensors with selection switch 
  • Compact size: 1.5 x 6 x 4.5” (HWD)
  • 1-200 W sensor for 144-450 MHz
  • 0.1-200 W & 1-2000 W sensors for 1-54 MHz
  • Remote control/measurement via RS232
  • Over-range alarm output & amp keying control





    Specify one coupler with W2 Wattmeter purchase.  Add an additional coupler now or at any time.

    •     DCHF-200  1.8-54 MHz, 0.1- 200W  additional coupler
    •     DCHF-2000  1.8-54 MHz, 1- 2000W  additional coupler
    •     DCV/U-200 144-450 MHz, .1- 200W  additional coupler





      Q: If I am using 2 sensors, may I mix a 200 watt and a 2000 watt couple with the W2?

      A: Yes.  You can select different types of sensors and use them with the same W2.

      Q: How accurate are the HF sensors for the W2?

      A: The 200 watt sensor has about a 10% accuracy down to 2 watts.  The 2000 watt sensor is accurate at 10% down to about 20 watts.   The W2 control panel and bar graph does not affect accuracy.

      Q: What is purpose of the Relay jacks on the back of the W2?

      A: Since the W2 can detect changes in SWR while transmitting, the Relay feature allows the operator to interrupt the KEY signal which is used to tell a linear amp the transceiver is in transmit.  That is, using the W2 Utility, the W2 can be configured to break the KEY signal if the SWR has risen above a specified level.  

      This allows the W2 rather than the operator to detect unexpected high SWR events and to take action to prevent a linear from transmitting into it.

      Q: What cables are shipped in the box with the W2?

      A:  You'll receive a power cable and a KXUSB cable.  The KXUSB cable allows you to connect the W2 to a computer to run the W2 Utility.  Windows, Mac OS and x86 Linux platforms are supported.

      Q: Can the W2 be used with any other transceiver or linear besides Elecraft products?

      A: Yes.  The W2's features are available to be used anywhere there's a need to measure SWR and RF power somewhere down the transmission line.  That is, instead of measuring SWR right at the back of the RF amplifier, you can now measure SWR anywhere along the transmission line.  These features will work with any other transceiver and linear on the market today.







      W2 Wattmeter / SWR Bridge (Select Couplers in next section) Quantity Price
      W2-A W2 WATTMETER, Assembled (Select 1 N/C Coupler Below) $489.95

      Directional Couplers - Select One (N/C) w/W2 Purchase Quantity Price
      DCHF-2000 1.8-54 MHz, 1-2000W Coupler, Select One (N/C) w/W2 Purchase $0.00
      DCHF-200 1.8-54 MHz, 0.1-200W Coupler, Select One (N/C) w/W2 Purchase $0.00
      DCV/U-200 144-450 MHz, 0.1-200W Coupler, Select One (N/C) w/W2 Purchase $0.00

      2nd Directional Coupler - Options Quantity Price
      DCHF-2000a DCHF-2000a Additional Coupler $199.95
      DCHF-200a DCHF-200a Additional 1.8-54 MHz 0.1-200W Coupler $199.95
      DCV/U 200a 144-450 MHz, 0.1-200W Additional Coupler $199.95

      Accessories Quantity Price
      KXUSBa KXUSB-a Extra Cable - USB RS232 to 3.5mm Cable $39.95
      CBL36UHF 36" Coax Cable with PL-259s $34.95

      Elecraft Wear Quantity Price
      KX2T-Shirt KX2 T-Shirt Small $22.00
      KX2T-Shirt KX2 T-Shirt Medium $22.00
      KX2T-Shirt KX2 T-Shirt Large $22.00
      KX2T-Shirt KX2 T-Shirt Extra Large $22.00
      KX2T-Shirt KX2 T-Shirt 2XL $22.00
      KX2T-Shirt KX2 T-Shirt 3XL $22.00
      KX3T-Shirt KX3 T-Shirt Small $22.00
      KX3T-Shirt KX3 T-Shirt Medium $22.00
      KX3T-Shirt KX3 T-Shirt Large $22.00
      KX3T-Shirt KX3 T-Shirt Extra Large $22.00
      KX3T-Shirt KX3 T-Shirt 2XL $22.00
      KX3T-Shirt KX3 T-Shirt 3XL $22.00
      T-Shirt Elecraft Logo T-Shirt S--Light Gray $22.00
      T-Shirt Elecraft Logo T-Shirt M--Light Gray $22.00
      T-Shirt Elecraft Logo T-Shirt L--Light Gray $22.00
      T-Shirt Elecraft Logo T-Shirt XL--Light Gray $22.00
      T-Shirt Elecraft Logo T-Shirt XXL--Light Gray $22.00
      T-Shirt Elecraft Logo T-Shirt XXXL--Light Gray $22.00
      MWT-Shirt Make Waves T-Shirt SLight Gray $22.00
      MWT-Shirt Make Waves T-Shirt MLight Gray $22.00
      MWT-Shirt Make Waves T-Shirt LLight Gray $22.00
      MWT-Shirt Make Waves T-Shirt XLLight Gray $22.00
      MWT-Shirt Make Waves T-Shirt XXLLight Gray $22.00
      MWT-Shirt Make Waves T-Shirt XXXLLight Gray $22.00
      K4 T-Shirt K4 T-Shirt (Short Sleeve) S $22.00
      K4 T-Shirt K4 T-Shirt (Short Sleeve) M $22.00
      K4 T-Shirt K4 T-Shirt (Short Sleeve) L $22.00
      K4 T-Shirt K4 T-Shirt (Short Sleeve) XL $22.00
      K4 T-Shirt K4 T-Shirt (Short Sleeve) XXL $22.00
      K4 T-Shirt K4 T-Shirt (Short Sleeve) XXXL $22.00
      K4 T-Shirt K4 T-Shirt (Long Sleeve) S $35.00
      K4 T-Shirt K4 T-Shirt (Long Sleeve) M $35.00
      K4 T-Shirt K4 T-Shirt (Long Sleeve) L $35.00
      K4 T-Shirt K4 T-Shirt (Long Sleeve) XL $35.00
      K4 T-Shirt K4 T-Shirt (Long Sleeve) XXL $35.00
      K4 T-Shirt K4 T-Shirt (Long Sleeve) XXXL $40.00
      KHAT Elecraft Logo Hat $24.00

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