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  • PWRCOMBO-K_KPA500 & KAT500 Power Combo, Kit NOTE: Select 1 PWR Cable Below
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Plays Well With Most Popular Rigs. Add more punch to your signal with Elecraft's Power Combo and take your transceiver to a full 500 watts out.

KPA500/KAT500 Power Combo (Choose One Power Cable at No Charge) Quantity Price
PWRCOMBO-F KPA500 & KAT500 Power Combo, Assembled NOTE: Select 1 PWR Cable Below $2,849.90 $2,924.90
PWRCOMBO-K KPA500 & KAT500 Power Combo, Kit NOTE: Select 1 PWR Cable Below $2,609.90 $2,684.90
PWR-VKZL Australian Power Cord W/ Fuses $0.00
PWR-US240 US 240V Power Cord Exchange $0.00
PWR-EU2P IEC-European (Schuko) Power Cord w/fuses $0.00
PWR-US IEC 120V U.S Power Cord w/fuses $0.00

KPA500/KAT500 PowerCombo & Cable Packages for non-Elecraft Transceivers Quantity Price
KENPWRCMB-F PowerCombo Factory Assembled, Includes Kenwood cable, CBL-KENKEY $2,889.85 $2,964.85
KENPWRCMB-K PowerCombo Kit, Includes Kenwood cable, CBL-KENKEY $2,649.85 $2,724.85
KEN480PWRCMB-F PowerCombo Factory Assembled, Includes Kenwood cable CBL-KENKEY480 $2,889.85 $2,964.85
KEN480PWRCMB-K PowerCombo Kit, Includes Kenwood cable CBL-KENKEY480 $2,649.85 $2,724.85
IC7XPWRCMB-F PowerCombo, Factory Assembled, Includes Icom cable $2,889.85 $2,964.85
IC7XPWRCMB-K PowerCombo, Kit, Includes Icom cable ICOMKEY706 $2,649.85 $2,724.85
ICPWRCMB-F PowerCombo Factory Assembled, includes Icom cable CBL-ICOMKEY $2,889.85 $2,964.85
ICPWRCMB-K PowerCombo Kit, includes Icom cable CBL-ICOMKEY $2,649.00 $2,724.00
FLXPWRCMB-F PowerCombo Factory Assembled, includes FLEX cable CBL-FLEXKEY $2,889.85 $2,964.85
FLXPWRCMB-K PowerCombo Kit, includes FLEX cable CBL-FLEXKEY $2,649.85 $2,724.85
YAEPWRCMB-F PowerCombo Factory Assem., includes Yaesu cable CBL-YAESUKEY $2,889.85 $2,964.85
YAEPWRCMB-K PowerCombo Kit, includes Yaesu cable CBL-YAESUKEY $2,649.85 $2,724.85