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 Packages come factory assembled or as a kit.  

KX3 Shack-in-a-Pack

KX3 160-6 M All Mode Transceiver
PX3 Panadapter for KX3
KXFL3 KX3 Dual-Passband Roofing Filter
KXAT3 20 Watt Internal Automatic Antenna Tuner
KXBC3 Battery Charger
BNC-RA Male-Female Right Angle 
BNC-BP M-Binding Posts
BNC-UHF Adapter
KX3-PCKT Accessory Cable Kit
MH3 Hand Mic
ES80 Carrying Case
The Elecraft KX-Line Book by Fred Cady
Package Savings!

  Our Power Supply Combo is the perfect Accessory for the Shack-in-a-Pack.

KX3 Shack-in-a-Pack options cannot be substituted for other options or accessories. AX1 in KX3 Shack-In-A-Pack photo is not included in the package.

KX3 Shack-in-a-Pack Quantity Price
KX3/PX3SHKPK-F KX3 Shack-in-a-Pack, Assm. - $75 Package Savings