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8-inductor/8-capacitor L-network provides very wide matching range and fast tuning.

Multiple per-band memories provide nearly instant re-tune.

Operates even in receive, improving selectivity ahead of receiver.

Includes filter elements to optimize AM broadcast band receive (0.5-1.6 MHz).

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If you're planning to use the KX3 for portable operation, this is the essential tool you'll need to match most antenna you'll want to use.  The KXAT3 can handle up to a 10:1 SWR, which provides a far wider range of matching capabilities than most other internal automatic antenna tuners.  

Fitted inside the KX3 cabinet, all controls are available right from the KX3 Front Panel.   

Easily added to any KX3 at any time.   The installation instructions are found in the KXAT3 manual.

  • Matching range:  Up to 10:1 SWR
  • Maximum power handling:  20 Watts

Q: If I am going to use the KX3 with the KXPA100, do I need to install the KXAT3 inside the KX3?

A: The KX3's internal antenna tuner, KXAT3, is rated at 20 watts and fits inside the KX3 cabinet.  

When the KXPA100 is added, however, you'll need to include the KXAT100, the 100 Watt tuner that is fully integrated into the amplifier.  

This arrangement allows you to have the KXAT3 available when you 'grab-and-go" with the KX3 but then have the 100 Watt tuner inside the KXPA100 when you return to the shack and reconnect the KX3 for full 'barefoot' operation at 100 Watts.

Q: Is there a way to erase pre-stored tuning memories if I change antennas on the KX3?

A: Yes.  You can erase memories on a per-band basis.  That is, if you change antennas or readjust the same antenna, you can fully erase all memories on any one band so the automatic tuner can be 'retrained' for the new antenna or settings.