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K3-Remote System is a hardware and software solution to support remote control of a K3 or K3S via the Internet.  The K3/0 Mini Remote Control Panel provides the operator with real knobs and buttons for a 100% real-time radio feel.  

The K3/0-Mini consists of a K3S front panel, only, so it's highly portable yet includes built-in speakers, headphones, and keying jacks to build a more complete remote station.  The K3/0-Mini is perfect for home and travel use due to its small size. It fully duplicates all K3S controls, displays, and menus for a realistic remote K3S experience.

 We plan to do a last run of the K3/0 Mini Remote Control Panel [Factory Assembled]. If you are interested in placing your name on the list to order a K3/0-F please email sales@elecraft.com and provide your name, email address & phone number, and the products you want to purchase. When we are about to order the materials we will contact you to confirm that you are still interested in purchasing the K3/0 Mini Remote Control Panel.
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The K3/0-Mini or a standard K3S in ‘terminal mode’, provides a unique real time remote control experience for operating a K3S located in the next room, or across the country. The latest K3S firmware supports a compact remote control serial protocol that provides a 100% recreation of the remote K3 on the controlling K3S. All local front panel VFO knobs, other controls and button actions are immediately reflected on the remote K3S, and all display functions from the remote K3S's LCD and LED are immediately displayed on the controlling K3.

Unlike other remote designs and approaches, this approach provides assurance that the remote system is never out of sync.





  • Simplified RemoteRig Interfacing - Use a single RemoteRig interface cable for connecting the RemoteRig to your K3/0 Mini. This cable contains all IO connections from the RemoteRig (SP, MIC, PTT, PAD, KEY, RXd, TXd).
  • More Connectors - Paddle, PTT and KEY inputs are now available both on the K3/0 Mini and RemoteRig. 3.5-mm audio connections on the side connect to your headset without the use of adapters.
  • Built-in Stereo Speakers - A pair of internal speakers powered by their own audio amplifier for stereo (main/sub RX) audio.





  • PWR12V1A-US (External Power Supply, 12VDC 1A, US Only version)

RemoteRig based System Options

  • RRK0CBL Cable set for K3/0 to Control RemoteRig 1258MKII
  • RRK3CBL Cable set for Control K3 to Control RemoteRig 1258MKII

Both control and remote K3s must be using K3 f/w 4.48 or later for proper K3-Remote operation.











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