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The MH4 microphone is designed for use with the Elecraft K4, K3 and K3S transceivers.

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The MH4 microphone contains a high-performance condenser microphone element optimized for SSB, AM and FM use.  It also has a Push-to-Talk button and two function buttons to control the transceiver from the microphone.  


  • Condenser element (required bias voltage)
  • 8-pin connector for use with K3/K3S transceivers
  • PTT button
  • 2 Up/Down function buttons
  • 2 foot (60 cm) coiled cord, can extend to 4 feet (90 cm)


Q: How is the MH4 different from the MH2?

A: The MH4 is a direct, plug-compatible microphone to the MH2.  Unlike the MH2, it is housed in a smaller form that fits into the hand easily, making it easier to store or carry.

Q: The MH4 looks very much like the MH3 used with the KX3 and KX2, can it be used interchangeably?

A: The housing used for the MH3 and MH4 are the same but the connection plugs are different.  For that reason, they are designed to be connected to their respective radios without an adapter cable in their native form.  The enterprising ham, however, is welcome to build adapter cables.

MH4 Hand Held Microphone Quantity Price
MH4 MH4 Hand Held Microphone (K4/K3S/K3)
MH4-K2 MH4 Hand Held Microphone

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