The KX3 2 Meter option adds a new band to the KX3 band stack for operation at 144 Mhz.  Consisting of a board and a separate SMA antenna connection, it can be installed in any KX3. 

The KX3's all-mode operation is available when it is installed.  This includes all functions needed to operate the KX3 on FM repeaters, Digital Modes, CW and phone modes.

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For FM repeaters, you can use the built-in 100 memories to scan repeaters.  You can program the KX3 repeater offsets, PL tones with the Elecraft Memory Editor, free for download from the Elecraft website, too. 


    • MDS - 144 dBm, typical, at 500 Hz bandwidth
    • Frequency Range:  120 MHz – 150 MHz, typical, with reduced sensitivity outside of 144-148 MHz


    • Frequency Range: 144 MHz – 148 MHz
    • Output Power: 
      • 2.5 W Minimum with 13.8 Vdc supply (2.5 to 3 watts typical)
      • 2 W Maximum with 11 Vdc supply
      • 1.5 W Maximum with 9 Vdc supply

Additional Features

  • Power Consumption:  120 mA receive, squelch open, typical , in addition to the normal KX3 current  demand whenever the 2 meter is selected
  • Sleep Mode can reduce the overall radio current to about 150 - 180 mA in FM Mode  (squelched)
  • Max: 1.7 A at 3W output , total radio current , typical for the KX3 when transmitting
  • SMA-RA:  A right angle adapter with SMA connections on both ends.
  • SMA-BNC:  An adapter to connect BNC coax to the SMA connector for the KX3-2M

Q: What is the exact product that I need to order to get the right 2M option kit for my KX3?

A: You will be ordering the right kit of parts based on what you currently have installed in your KX3.  Here's what you need to order:

Order this product If you have this in your KX3
KX3-2M-AT The KXAT3 internal automatic antenna tuner.
KX3-2M-NOATU Do NOT have the KXAT3 internal automatic antenna tuner


Q: Does the KX3-2M board use the same antenna port that I use for the other bands?

A: No.  The KX3-2M option will have its own antenna port.  It is an SMA type connector found on many popular 2M handhelds so there are a lot of options for antennas you can use.  Elecraft also has a number of adapters for SMA connections.  See the Accessories section for details.