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KX3 High Performance Portable Transceiver Manuals

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Title Manual Revision Download Size
KX-Line Brochure KX-Line: KX2/KX3 Transceivers and Accessories 11/2016 1.18 Mb
KX3 Owner's Manual KX3 Owner's Manual Rev C5 (6/16/2014) 3.5 Mb
KX3 Owner's Manual Errata KX3 Owner's Manual Errata Rev C5-3 (9/22/2017) 91 Kb
KX3 Owner's Manual Spanish Version KX3 Owner's Manual Spanish Translation provided by Iñaki Castillo Rev C5 (6/16/2014) 3.5 Mb
KX3 Assembly Manual  KX3 Kit Assembly Manual Rev I (6/13/2017) 5.9 Mb
KX3 Assembly Manual Errata  KX3 Kit Assembly Manual Errata Rev I-2 (4/10/2018) 50 KB
KX3 2M/4M Manual  KX3 2M/4M Manual Rev D (11/17/2016) 2.2 Mb
KX3-PCKT Cable Set  KX3-PCKT Accessory Cable Set Rev 0 (8/20/2012) 4 Mb
KX3 Guide for Blind Operators  KX3 CW UI Operation Rev E1 (7/6/2012) 52 Kb
KX3 Quick Reference  Quick Reference to KX3 Functions. 1.3 Mb
KX3 Quick Reference  In French (Français) Quick Reference to KX3 Functions. In French. 792 Kb
KX3 Programmers Reference  K3S, K3, KX3 & KX2 Programmer's Reference Rev G4 (11/22/2018) 573 Kb
KX3 Schematics  KX3 Schematics (03/05/2013) 650 Kb
KXFL3 Filter Option  KXFL3 Roofing Dual-Bandwidth Filter Installation and Calibration Instructions Rev A3 (6/4/2015) 700 Kb
KXAT3 Option  KXAT3 Option Rev A1 (1/12/2017) 233 Kb
KXBC3 Installation  KXBC3 Installation Manual Rev B1 (6/9/2015) 1.75 Mb
KXPD3 Paddle Instruction KXPD3 Instruction Rev F (4/27/2017) 397 Kb
Proset Boom Headset Instruction Using the Heil Proset Boom Headset with your KX3 Instructions Rev A (2/21/2012) 105 Kb