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K2 Remote, K2 Voice Program Downloads and Instructions

The software provided for download on this page is provided as a free service to our customers and is provided as-is without warranty. They are considered “unsupported, contributed utilities.” That is, maintenance and support for the software apps is not guaranteed and may not be available on all popular operating systems. Elecraft may elect to update them but makes no commitment to do so. All software on this page is free for use by Elecraft operators.

K2 Remote and K2 Voice Program Downloads and Instructions

K2 Voice provides complete K2 voice feedback (frequency, mode etc.) via your PC.


To save these files, rather than running them directly from the web site, you may need to right click on their links and then chose the "Save Link As.

Release and Supportability

These programs are supported only on Windows PC’s. Further, they are unsupported, contributed utilities. They have been tested only on the Windows versions listed. They are offered as examples only. Please see the list of 3rd party software that is available for the KX2, KX3 and K3S on our Community web page.

 K3 Voice

Elecraft K3 Voice

K2 Voice

K2 Voice V1.05 beta

 K2 Voice Main Screen

K3 Voice and K2 Voice are voice feedback programs for the K3 and K2. They run under Windows 95,98, 2000 & ME. (And vista for K3 Voice). They are provided free, without warranty or ongoing support for your use. K2s will require the KIO2 option.

Our goal is to make the K3 and K2 useful for hams who are unable to see the normal controls and displays. It will report most common operations on using the soundcard in your PC. Both programs report the frequency, mode, filter selections, split, VFO a/b etc.

The Programs operate in one of three modes:

  • Fully automatic: All button presses and frequency changes made on the K2 are automatically reported within one second of completion. VFO frequency changes are reported after tuning has stopped for one second.
  • Semi Automatic: Same as above except the VFO is not automatically reported. Press a key to get the current VFO frequency.
  • Manual: Press a key for each function to be reported. for example, press ALT- F to get the current frequency, ALT-M to get the current mode etc.

 K2 Remote

Elecraft Remote Radio (K2) v0.7

K2 Remote Main Screen

K2 Remote is a basic demonstration RS-232 control program designed for the K2 that runs under Windows (95,98, 2000, XP & ME). It requires the K2 KIO2 RS-232 control option to operate and is provided free without warranty for your use with our KIO2 option.