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Elecraft Frequency Memory Editor Software

The software provided for download on this page is provided as a free service to our customers and is provided as-is without warranty. 

"The Elecraft Frequency Memory Editor helps you maintain frequency memories using a spreadsheet format. Memories can be recalled using K3, K3S, and KX3’s M>V switch or the memory editor’s “QSY” buttons.

Once memories are stored in your K3, K3S, and KX3, you can disconnect the K3, K3S, and KX3 from the PC.  You can even maintain sets of memories in PC files and share them with other K3, K3S, and KX3 users."

The program can be used by K3, K3S, KX3 and KX2 owners, and that the PC files can be shared without regard to the radio type (but the KX3 has a broader range of acceptable 2 meter frequencies than does the K3/K3S).


Elecraft Frequency Memory Editor Software Install
(Release Notes)

Available for Windows XP SP3 or later only