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Monitor and observe transmitted waveforms on your P3.  The P3 Transmit Monitor option for the P3 adds a new operating dimension covering CW, SSB and Digital modes.


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Unlike other panadapters, the P3 TX Monitor option provides clear transmitted waveforms in multiple views. 

  • Monitor the rise and fall time of a CW signal
  • Monitor the voice envelope of an SSB signal.
  • Adjust the voice signal for maximum punch without overdriving.


Use with any Transceiver

Like the P3 itself, the transmit monitor can be used with any transceiver. The sensor unit detects the presence of RF power and switches to the transmit display you have selected without any other control signals from the transmitter. If desired you can disable the modulation envelope monitoring and still monitor the RF power and SWR on the P3. Sensors are available covering the following frequencies and power levels:
  •  1.8 MHz through 54 MHz at power levels up to 200 Watts
  •  1.8 MHz through 54 MHz at up to 2000 Watts
  •  144 MHz through 450 MHz at up to 200 Watts





Please specify one coupler at purchase    Description

DCHF-200  1.8-54 MHz, 0.1- 200W  

Select this coupler if to monitor the HF bands, up through 6 Meters at up to 200 watts.  If you do not have a linear amplifier, this is the optimal choice.  Accuracy is good down to about 2.0 watts.

DCHF-2000  1.8-54 MHz, 1- 2000W

Select this coupler if you have a linear amplifier over 200 watts for the HF bands, up through 6 Meters.

DCV/U-200 144-450 MHz, .1- 200W

Select this coupler if you will be transmitting in the 2 Meter through 440 Mhz regions at up to 200 watts.



Q: Can the P3TXMON option be installed on any P3?

A:   Yes.  Any P3 can have the P3TXMON option installed at any time.  No modifications are needed to circuits or the cabinet to do so, too.  The Transmit Monitor is a single board that plugs into the existing I/O board inside the P3. Only a few basic hand tools are needed to perform the installation. No soldering or wiring is required. 

Q: May I install the P3TXMON option without the P3SVGA option installed?

A: Yes.  The P3TXMON option can be installed separately from the P3SVGA option and at any time.





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