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August Specials Extended!

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Q: Why are you offering a special remote-control adapter for the FT-817?

A: The T1- FT817 is popular with HF Pack operators, who sometimes hop among designated frequencies on different bands. Our remote-control adapter (model T1-FT817) monitors the rig's band-data output signal so the proper L and C settings for the ATU can be recalled instantly on any band change, without transmitting. This reduces QRM and conserves both tuner and transceiver battery life. We may offer similar interfaces for other low-power rigs in the future.

Q: Why isn't the optional T1-FT817 remote-control adapter available as a kit?

A: We're only offering the T1-FT817 adapter assembled because it includes a very small PC board with 0402-size surface-mount components (translation: very hard for most people to solder). This PC board is located inside the mini-DIN connector at the transceiver end, which minimizes RF pickup on the band-data line. A shielded cable is used to route the adapter's output signals to the T1.

Q: Does the T1-FT817 remote-control adapter work with "one-touch-tuning" interfaces?

A: A third-party "one-touch-tune" (OTT) unit can be used with the T1 ATU, if desired, although the T1 doesn't require a constant carrier for tuning. Using both an OTT unit and the T1-FT817 adapter is also possible, but this may make the transceiver and tuner more susceptible to RFI, as well as less physically robust during mobile or HF Pack operation.