PR6-10 AMP

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The PR6-10 is a high-performance, low-noise preamp that can be used with the Elecraft K3 or other transceivers for added gain on the 10 Meter and 6 Meter bands.   Note that the K3S has similar functionality built into that radio.  
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It's especially well-suited for the K3, which has exceptional dynamic range, yet can benefit from additional gain for weak signal work. The noise figure of the preamp itself is typically 0.7 dB.
  • Power for the PR6/PR6-10 can be obtained from any 11 to 14 VDC supply. When used with a K3, the PR6/PR6-10 can be powered from the switched 12 VDC accessory output.
  • When used with the Elecraft K3, the K3 must be equipped with the KXV3 option. The PR6/PR6-10 can be connected directly to the KXV3 RX ANT IN/OUT jacks on the K3's rear panel where it can be switched in automatically by the transceiver on the desired bands. A second pair of jacks is provided on the opposite side of the PR6/PR6-10 to allow use of the K3's normal RX ANT IN/OUT signal path when the preamp is not in use.
  • The PR6/PR6-10 can be strapped permanently ON, or it can be turned on and off externally from an open-source/open-drain logic signal.  When used with an Elecraft K3, the DIGOUT1 control line on the 15-pin ACC jack can be used to enable the preamp on the desired bands. Please refer the K3 Owner’s manual CONFIG menu description for DIGOUT1 details.
  • The PR6/PR6-10 is housed in a rugged, custom-machined enclosure.



  • Frequency Coverage: 22 - 54 MHz
  • Noise Figure: < 0.7 dB typical
  • Gain: 20 dB nominal
  • IMDDR: > 100 dB typical (when used with an Elecraft K3 transceiver)
  • Power Requirements: 11 to 14 VDC: 13.8 VDC @ 70 mA nominal
  • Size: Case: 2-1/4” x 2-5/16” x 3/4” (5.72 x 5.87 x 1.91 cm)
  • Weight: 3 oz (90 grams)









Q: Can I use the PR6/PR6-10 with the K3S?

A: This is not recommended. While it can be connected to the K3S, the K3S already has the same preamp built right into the radio. Adding another preamp, generally, would only serve to raise the noise floor and add little to the initial preamp built into the K3S.

The original K3, however, will benefit from adding the PR6-10 and is recommended for that reason.

Q: How can the PR6/PR6-10 be used with other radios?

A: The PR6-10 can be added into any other radio that uses a receive-only antenna connection. Further, it has a control signal so that it can be switch in and out of the receive antenna circuit when commanded by the radio or from a separate switch system designed by the operator.

Q: Is the PR6-10 designed to be mounted at the antenna in addition to inside the shack?

A: No, the PR6-10's case has been designed for operating inside the shack. While it can be mounted remotely, the operator would need to install a suitable weather-proof cabinet for it.



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