The KXSERa product is a communication cable to connect many Elecraft products to the common RS232 COM port with a 9-pin connector.  The 'a' version can be purchased separately.  

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At order time, a KXSERa cable can be substituted for the KXUSB, which is shipped with all KX3, KX2, and KAT500 products.   The KXSER cable is designed to connect to a 9-pin COM port on a computer.  

Q:  I have an Apple computer and a Linux computer.  Do I need to order the KXSERa instead of the KXUSB?

A:  No.  If you have a USB port on your computers, we recommend the KXUSB cable that ships automatically with the KX3 or KX2.

Q:  I have an older laptop that still has a 9-pin COM port on it but it also has USB ports available.  Which cable should I use?

A:  Where possible, we always recommend the KXUSB cable.  This cable provides the flexibility to connect to most any newer computer available today.

Q: I ordered the KXSERa cable when I ordered my KX3 and KX2.  I have now changed computers which only has USB ports.  What should I do?

A:  You can order the KXUSB cable separately as Elecraft product KXUSBa.