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The KXIO2 option provides a real-time clock and two user-programmable outputs (AUX jack). 



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The time can be displayed in the KX2’s VFO B area and the TIME menu entry). Time accuracy can be fined-tuned to about +/- 2 seconds per day using the RTC ADJ menu entry. The two AUX outputs can be used for controlling per-band external equipment such as an antenna switch or transverter (see the AUX 1 and AUX 2 menu entries). 

Note: The KXIBC2 replaces the previous KXI02 option module, retaining its RTC (real-time-clock) function. Both KXIO2 and KXIBC2 can not be installed in the KX2.  




Q: What kind of things can I do with the general purpose (AUX jack) outputs on the KXIO2?

A: You can use the Open Drain FET switches and the Menu settings to cause any sort of hardware change.  Further, you can use the Menu settings to make this happen on a per-band basis.  

For instance, you can connect up an antenna switch to the AUX port to have the KX2 select a different antenna every time you select 20 Meters.  Or, you can wire the AUX port so that you engage a preamp on 10M, for example.

Q: Why might I want to use a real time clock instead of the elapsed time clock that is standard with the KX2?

A: Many portable operators want to reduce the weight of anything they take to mountain tops or on long hikes.  Some even track pack weight down to the ounce.  For those applications a real time clock supports the internal logging feature of the KX2.  This reduces the need to remember to manually record the QSO and reduces weight by not carrying pencil/paper.