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The KXIBC2 module is a C/10-rate charger for the KXBT2 Li-ion internal battery pack. Operation is simple, requiring only that a power supply be connected to the KX2 when charging is required. The radio may be on or off during charging. The KXIBC2 does not generate any RFI, so the radio may be used during charging if the power supply provides sufficient current for both charging and receive/transmit operation.

The KXIBC2 replaces the previous KXIO2 option module, retaining its RTC (real-time-clock) function.



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Q: What benefit does the KXIBC2 provide?

A: KX2 owners who have installed the KXIBC2 have told us they love the convenience of simply plugging in their regular power supply to charge the internal battery pack. The charger operates with or without the radio turned on, and the process is fully automatic, so your KX2 will be ready to go whenever you are. Of course, you can still use the fast charger if you're in a hurry.

Q: How hard is it to install the KXIBC2 module?

A: Anyone with a modest amount of soldering experience should be able to do the KXIBC2 installation. Based on lots of feedback from field testers, we dramatically simplified the installation procedure. For field installation, we recommend "Method 1" (see the revision B2 instruction manual or later). There's no need to do any disassembly other than removing and replacing the right side panel. And there are only two wires to solder. If after having a look at the instructions you feel that you'd rather let Elecraft to the job, we'll be happy to. Simply contact to obtain an RMA.