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Provides simple interface to the KXPA100 from a FT817D to provide automatic band changes prior to transmitting. 

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When plugged into the back of the FT-817D, the cable also extends the Remote port for attachment of additional accessories.

Q:  Are there any calibrations that need to be conducted when using the KXFT817CBL?

A:  For optimal performance, we recommend that ALC be set up per the procedure in the KXPA100 Owners Manual.

Q: Are there any menu settings needed on the FT817 to use this adapter cable?

A:  None are needed.

Q:  Will all the controls on the KXPA100 be available, including the Antenna Tuner controls?

A:  Yes, you will be able to control all operating controls on the KXPA100 when this cable is used.