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The KXFL3 is actually 4 different filters that are shared between Phone and CW modes.  Containing 2 filters for each mode, the filters switch points are:

  • CW Mode:  500 hz and 1500 hz
  • Phone mode:  1800 hz and your choice of 2400 or 2900, menu configurable

    This means that you get the value of 4 filters in other radios for less than the price of one in other radios!


    • 500 Hz/1500 Hz matched analog filters This is equivalent to 1000/3000 Hz in other radio IF passbands
    • Fully integrated into KX3 DSP engine
    • Automatically switches in the proper filter as the Pass Band Tuning (PBT) tuning control calls for it.  No need to manually switch filters.


    Q: May I add the KXFL3 to any KX3 at a later time?

    A: Yes.  As with all Elecraft options, you can install any option at any time 

    Q: Are there any calibrations required if I order the KXFL3 when I order my KX3?

    A: No.  Elecraft techs will take care of calibrating your KX3 with the KXFL3 installed as it is built for you. 

    Q: Are there any calibrations required if I order the KXFL3 sometime after I take delivery of my KX3?  Do I need any test equipment for it?

    A:  There is a calibration procedure you'll be following when you install the KXFL3 but the test signals you'll need to conduct it are available inside the KX3.  This means that you'll 

    KX3 Dual-Passband Roofing Filter, Kit Quantity Price
    KXFL3-F KX3 Dual-Passband Roofing Filter (Factory Installed) $169.95
    KXFL3 KX3 Dual-Passband Roofing Filter (Kit) $169.95