Safely and automatically charges 8 NiMH cells in the KX3's internal 8-AA battery pack from an external 13.8V supply. 

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Charge time varies depending on cell capacity and depth of discharge; 8 hours typical. Includes real-time clock, providing time display and alarm.

  • Minimum Charging Voltage: 13.8v
  • Charging Current: 200 mA
  • Charge time is set in KX3 Menu
  • Thermal and Voltage overload protection build into the charge controller
  • Supports NiMH batteries only
  • Real Time Clock can be set with the KX3 Utility

Q: Does the KXBC3 support other types of batteries such as LiPO or LiFE?

A: The KXBC3 is designed to charge Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery types only.  It will not charge other types of batteries.  While the other types of batteries can be used with the KX3, they will need to be recharged in an external battery charger that supports those formulations.


Q: What is the Real Time Clock, where is it found on the KX3 display and how is it powered to keep time?


A: The Read Time Clock replaces the Elapsed Time clock when observed with the DISP button.  When installed, the Real Time Clock uses the internal NiMH batteries to keep it powered up.   The Real Time Clock will keep running for about 20 minutes if you need to replace the NiMH batteries in the KX3, too.


Q:  Do I need to have the KXBC3 installed whenever I use my NiMH batteries?

A: No. You can operate the KX3 without any batteries installed inside the radio.  If you choose to add NiMH batteries, they will operate.   The difference comes when you find the need to remove the NiMH batteries for recharging. With the KXBC3, you can leave the batteries installed in the KX3 and recharge them from an external power supply.  Otherwise, you can remove the NiMH batteries and recharge them in an external charger.

Q: Does the KXBC3 come with its own external power supply that I plug into the wall?

A: No.  The KX3 and the KXBC3 will handle the recharging using a typical 13.6 volt external power supply found in most ham radio shacks.  That power supply can run both the KXBC3 and the KX3 at the same time, if needed.  That is, you can operate the KXBC3 to recharge the batteries installed inside the KX3 while carrying on QSO's at the same time.

  • KXBC3 Owners and Installation Manual