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The KXAT100 is an add-on option for the KXPA100 that fits inside the KXPA100 cabinet.  It also provides full integration with the KX3 or KX2.  It also adds a 2nd Antenna Port to the KXPA100.  
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TheKXAT100 adds a 100 Watt, fully automatic antenna tuner to the KXPA100.  Not requiring an additional cabinet, the KXAT100 fits inside the KXPA100's cabinet and becomes fully integrated with the KXPA100 once it has been installed.





  • Autotune Power 1.5 Watts, minimum.
  • The KXPA100 amplifier is bypassed during a tuning operation so only the drive power from the transceiver is used for tuning.
  • Typical Matching Range
    • SWR as high as 10:1 at 100 watts
    • SWR as high as 20:1 at 10 watts.

    Additional Features

    • Uses Elecraft's fast matching algorithm
    • KXAT100 ATU settings saved per band, per band segment, and per antenna for instant recall
    • Adds a 2nd ANT port to the KXPA100, selectable from the KXPA100 front panel





    Q: Can I add the KXAT100 to a KXPA100 at a later time?

    A:  Yes.  As with all options for Elecraft products, you can add any option, at any time and in any order or installation.

    Q: When I connect a KX2 or KX3 to the KXPA100, does it control the KXAT100, too? 

    A: Yes.  The KXAT100, once installed, will come under the control of a KX3 that is attached to the KXPA100 via the KXPACBL cable kit.  This means that the ATU TUNE function on the KX3 can be used with the KXAT100 ATU for fully automatic operation. 

    Q: How to I control the KXAT100 when I am using the KXPA100 with a different radio than the KX3 or KX2?

    A:  The KXAT100 provides a complete set of controls on the front of the KXPA100 when it is installed.  This includes Antenna port, Bypass/Manual/Automatic Mode selector, and SWR lights.







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