The KRX3A subreceiver features specifications identical to the main K3 receiver including up to five roofing filters and an independent, dedicated DSP system.  It is a component-for-component copy of the Main Receiver of the K3S.



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The subreceiver can tune the same range of frequencies as the Main receiver, including frequencies outside of the Amateur bands when it is equipped with the optional KBPF3 general coverage filter board.

The KRX3 has three major components as shown installed in a K3S. The shielded enclosure contains the main KRX3 board, mixer and noise blanker boards, optional KBPF3 general coverage filter board and roofing filters that you will assemble and mount in the enclosure.




Q: For pile-up busting, does the KRX3A support hearing the target in one ear of my headphones and the pile-up in the other?

A: Yes.  

Q: Does the KRX3A support Diversity operation?

A:  Yes.  The KRX3A fully supports Diversity operation.  This mode provides 'deep DXing' by listening to both receivers on the same frequency with different antennas.

Q:  To operate in Diversity mode, do I need the same filters in both the Main and Sub-receiver?

A:  Yes, we recommend that any filter in the Main have a matching filter installed in the Sub-receiver to operate in Diversity mode.

Q:  When I am ordering the KRX3A, when do I need to be concerned about the Filter Matching option?

A:  The Matching service is only important when ordering 5 pole ( 500 hz) or 6 pole (200 hz) filters.  All 8 pole filters are pre-matched and do not require the Matching option.





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