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The KPAK3AUX cable set consists of three components:
  • 15-Pin to 15-Pin DE-15 KPA500-K3 Aux cable (E850463)
  • A 15-pin Y cable
  • Key Line Interrupter adapter


Enhanced functionality includes:
  • Dual power settings per band
  • Direct band entry from the KPA500/KPA1500 triggers the K3S or K3 to follow
  • Tracks K3S or K3 band changes automatically


The 15-pin Y cable exposes the other signals in the K3S or K3 ACC port for use with other devices. The Key Line Interrupter provides integration for 3rd party devices to also control the KEY OUT signal from the K3S or K3, if required. Examples include SteppIR controllers, external tuners or screwdriver controllers.



Q: Do I need to order the KPAK3AUX cable kit for my KPA500 and/or KAT500?

A:  No.  You can use the RCA-to-RCA cables that come in the box with the KPA500 or KAT500.