The KPOD AUX Cable, part number E850770, plugs into the AUX OUT jack on the rear of the KPOD and provides access to three user-programmable open-drain control outputs.

At one end of the 6-foot (182mm) shielded cable is a 4-conductor 3.5mm TRRS plug. The other end has four stripped and tinned wires.



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Three auxiliary outputs are available at the ring connections on the K-Pod AUX OUT connector referenced to the shield (ground). Each output can handle up to 50 Vdc and sink up to 100 mA.

Each output is controlled independently In the off state each output is a high impedance (open drain) circuit. When turned on each output is a closure to ground that can be used to activate a relay, etc.





Q:  When would I consider using the K-POD AUX cable?

A:  The AUX cable allows you to connect hardware devices, such as antenna switches, relays or other circuits to be controlled by the macro buttons on the K-POD. 

Q:  How do I control the FET Switches?

A:  You will use Macro commands as discussed in the K-POD Owners Manual.