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This book is designed to help you use the programming capabilities of Elecraft transceivers and panadapters to control their operations. Chapter 1 describes the hardware features of the K3S/K3 and KX3 macro capabilities. Chapter 2, contains the nitty-gritty details of the Programmer’s Commands you will be using to create macros. It summarizes the Programmer’s manuals for the transceivers and panadapters. The Programmer’s Commands are listed in convenient functionally organized tables and images of the K3S/K3, and KX3 key tap and hold codes are given. Chapter 3, “Programmable Function Keys and Macros”, is key to learning how to write and use macros to control your transceiver and/or panadapter. Chapter 4, Writing Macros – Some Rules of the Road, provides guidelines that are critical to writing macros that produce expected and consistent results. Chapter 5, “The Elecraft KPod”, shows how to use the KPod and Chapter 6 gives over 130 macro examples to get you started.

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Publisher: Fredrick M. Cady
Standard Copyright License
Language: English
Coil Bound: 194 pages
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