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The Elecraft DL1 is a general-purpose wideband 50-ohm dummy load that can be used with an Elecraft or other manufacturer’s transceiver for test purposes. The DL1 also includes a diode detector that can be used to measure power output.

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The DL1 dummy load can handle a full 20 watts (continuous) and more intermittently. Its SWR is less than 1.3:1 through 225 MHz. It includes an integral RF detector for use with a voltmeter, allowing you to accurately calculate transmit power.

Note: This product is a kit which may involve building the product by selecting individual components, soldering them to the circuit board, winding toroids, installing LEDs and displays, calibrating circuits to meet specified performance levels. 


  • Power Rating: 20 watts maximum; 50% duty cycle.
  • Bandwidth: Input VSWR less than  1.1, 0 to 30 MHz, 1.2, 0 to 144 MHz, 1.3, 0 to 225 MHz
  • Power Measurement Accuracy: 10%, typical, 1 watt to 20 watts


    •  BNC-UHF - adapter for PL259 cable connections


    Q: Is the DL1 suitable to run the calibration procedures for the K3 and K3S?

    A: Yes.  This dummy load is rated for all 3 of the Transmit Calibration Procedures called for during the building of the K3 and K3S transceivers.

    Q: Is the DL1 suitable for use with the KX3 and KX2?

    A: Yes.  This is a handy, lightweight dummy load designed for QRP radios of all kinds.  

    DL1 20W Dummy Load Quantity Price
    DL1 DL1 20W Dummy Load with RF detector

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