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CBL1500IC Cable used to connect the KPA1500 to Icom transceivers listed below.

If your radio is not listed above, contact Technical Support.

Cable Type Transceivers Operation Mode
KPA1500 CBL1500IC Icom "large" radios: IC7300,7600,7610, 7700,7851,9100 Enhanced Mode. 3.5mm CI-V cable for freq. data, (Phono Cable for keying, incl. w/Amp)


Standard Mode = Keying (amplifier to transmit mode) Amp’s internal frequency counter auto-selects band and ATU frequency.
Intermediate Mode = Intermediate Mode-Radios w/BCD band data lines only. Keying plus band switching prior to TX. Amp’s internal frequency counter selects ATU frequency.
Enhanced Mode = Keying & Frequency Data from radio select amplifier band and ATU frequency prior to TX.