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This cable supports full operation of the USB comm port on the K3S/KIO3B through the P3. 



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This method provides a connection loop for the P3’s operation with the K3S, or earlier K3s upgraded with the KIO3BUPKT.

Note: This cable is included with new P3 purchased with a K3S.





Q: I have a P3 with my K3 and want to add the KIO3B Upgrade Kit to the K3.  Do I need to order this cable for my P3?

A: Yes. The CBLP3Y cable integrates the P3 into the K3 so that you have full functionality of the USB port on the KIO3B Upgrade kit.  

Q: Can I still use my P3 and K3 with the KIO3B Upgrade kit but without using the CBLP3Y?

A: Yes.  You can use the P3 and K3 without the CBLP3Y cable.  In the box with the KIO3B Upgrade kit there will be a special cable, E980297, that can be used to connect the P3 in just the same way you did with the K3 prior to installing the KIO3B Upgrade kit.  The differences between these wiring arrangements are discussed on page 18 and 19 of the K3S Owners Manual.  

Q: So, what is the advantage of the CBLP3Y cable, then?  

A:  When you are not using the CBLP3Y cable, the internal virtual COM port available from the USB port on the KIO3B will not be used.  You will still be able to connect to the built-in soundcard devices but not the USB's virtual COM port.   

When using the CBLP3Y cable, however, you will have one USB cable that enables both the virtual COM port and the virtual Line In and Line Out devices via the USB port.  This is also extensively discussed in the KIO3B FAQ.