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K3s High Performance Transceiver Manuals

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Title Manual Revision Download Size
K3S Owner's Manual K3S Owner's Manual, High-Performance 160 – 6 METER Transceiver Rev A1 (5/26/2015) 5MB
K3S Owner's Manual Errata  K3S Owner's Manual Errata Rev A1-2 (9/21/2015) 100Kb
K3S Assembly Manual  K3S Kit Assembly Manual Rev B3 (6/23/2017) 5.3Mb
K3S Assembly Manual Errata K3S Kit Assembly Manual Errata Rev B3.3 (5/15/19) 71 KB
K3S Schematic Files K3S Schematics Including Options Rev A (7/24/2017) 3.0Mb
K3S FAQ  K3S FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Rev C9 (3/17/2016) 0.5Mb
K3S Programmer's Reference  K3S, K3, KX3 & KX2 Programmer's Reference Rev G5 (02/20/2019) 573Kb
KBPF3A Manual  KBPF3A General Coverage Receive Option Installation Instructions Rev A1 (7/2/2015) 2.9Mb
KPA3A Manual  KPA3A 100-WATT Amplifier Option Installation Instructions Rev C (8/5/2016) 2.8Mb
KAT3A Manual KAT3A 100-WATT Automatic Antenna Tuner Installation Instructions Rev A1 (12/11/2016) 784Kb
KSYN3A Manual  KSYN3A Synthesizer Installation Instructions Rev A6 (4/21/2016) 2.0 Mb
KSYN3A FAQ* KSYN3A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Rev C2 (2/13/2015) 433Kb
KIO3B Installation Manual  KIO3B Interface Option Installation Instructions Rev A3 (1/17/17) 2.6Mb
KIO3B FAQ KIO3B FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Rev A (9/4/2015) 626Mb
ProSet-K2/K3  Heil Boom Headset with Mic Assembly and Operating Instructions Manual - Now includes instructions for the K3S/K3 radios Rev C (5/30/2009) 179Kb
K3EXREF Manual K3EXREF Frequency Lock Option Installation and Operation Rev B (8/23/16) 1.5Mb
KXV3B Manual  KXV3B Transverter Interface Installation Manual Rev C3 (9/22/2016) 1.4Mb
KDVR3 Manual  KDVR3 Digital Voice Recorder Option Installation Instructions Rev C (2/16/2012) 1.7Mb
KTCXO3-1 Manual  KTCXO3-1 High Stability Oscillator Option Installation Instructions Rev F1 (12/16/2013) 285Kb
KRX3A Manual  KRX3A High-Performance Sub Receiver Installation and Operation Manual Rev H2 (4/6/2017) 5.2Mb
CBLP3Y Cable Instructions CBLP3Y K3s to P3 Cable Instructions Rev B (9/30/19) 272Kb

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