K4 Update

Our first K4s are set to ship the second week of September.  Our plan to ship in late August changed with the CZU Lighning Complex.  The fire is among the top 20 most destructive fires in California state history with more than 1,100 structures burned in Santa Cruz County.  We have employees who had to evacuate and help family evacuate; and one employee who lost his home to the fire.

K4 shipments will start off slowly and ramp up as we receive deliveries of materials, and as our manufacturing team becomes more efficient in building and testing the units.  One of our suppliers, located in Santa Cruz County, was also affected by the fires. Their employees are starting to return to the factory, so we expect more K4 materials to arrive soon.  In the meantime, our manufacturing team continues to build K4s with the materials we have on hand.

How You Will Be Notified When Your K4 is Ready to Ship

A mK4 In Productionember of Elecraft Sales Team will contact you by email when your K4 is ready to ship.  They will verify your shipping address and provide you with any additional information regarding your order. 

If your email address has changed, please complete the New Email Address Form here.

QSO Today Virtual Expo 2020 K4 WebinarAlso, if you didn't see Eric's latest K4 presentation at the QSO Virtual Ham Expo last month, you can view it on our YouTube channel here
And if you haven't read it on the Reflector or heard them on the air, we have testers who continue to test K4s.

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